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  • Hey! Been awhile since my last status. A lot happend when I was gone, one of them is that I joined a Bedwars/Skywars Guild named FuturePros. They are in #20 on Guild Leaderboard. By the way, Happy Early Halloween!
    10th January I had 69 wins.. now I have almost 400 wins 👀 It's all thanks to the PikaNetwork players that made me a decent player! Thank you 😁


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    Hello please fix Op Faction it has been down for 12 hours im tired of playing other server please fix it
    Hey! In about 4-5 hours, I'll be grinding Pika Bedwars for 3 hours straight! I'll prob be playing Squads mostly. If you want to party with me, DM my discord! Zap#0330
    Heyy! Good Morning or evening/night for some parts of the world. I'm boutta go to school so I can't do morning positive quote. Just remember that there's always someone that is willing to help you!
    It's morning for me, so good morning. If it's evening/night for you then, good evening and night. Why not a morning positive quote aye?

    "Say something positive, and you'll see something positive" - Jim Thompson
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