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Recent content by Yxayyyyy

  1. Yxayyyyy

    Denied OP Factions debuff axes

    No just get better at pvping
  2. Yxayyyyy

    OP Factions Faction Shields Rework

    Ong bro I get trapped and u don’t nothing to help I was stuck in the washer for the past hour and u did nothing
  3. Yxayyyyy

    OP Factions Infinite Chest Buff + Remove confirmation

    1+ makes me bricked up just reading all this
  4. Yxayyyyy

    OP Factions Increase XP earned with Axes Skill

    1+ tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh
  5. Yxayyyyy

    Denied OP Factions make silverfish spawners cost more

    -1 Bacardi On Top F top check @RunningWalls
  6. Yxayyyyy

    OP Prison Reworking/Removing pvp pet

    1+ Ya I can’t wait till I’m here for my birthday and I can go urself it and then I’ll get on the top and head to bed lol I don’t have a clue how about you lol lol I’m not sure what if it was the same one that was in a black man I just told her that she is not lying about to it and I can’t see...
  7. Yxayyyyy

    Denied OP Factions genbucket rework

    -1 they already have genblock rework its called lower the fastplace and get a obby breaker because ur mining what u did wrong
  8. Yxayyyyy

    OP Factions Removal of Enemies Having Perms In Faction Claims.

    1+ Bacardi on Top Adobo is sht
  9. Yxayyyyy

    Denied OP Factions Making Chimney Barrel Cannons illegal.

    i agree with this suggestion anything from my baby gemspgoer is true
  10. Yxayyyyy


    i love you also gemBaby best patcher <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  11. Yxayyyyy

    Hi im Yxay

    omg is that LegitKiller aka DanielT
  12. Yxayyyyy

    Hi im Yxay

    my name is Yxay i own opfaction im the best pvper to exist on pikanetwork
  13. Yxayyyyy

    Denied OP Factions Balance for Op Factions

    -5 because your name is _drip_ and you can’t be me
  14. Yxayyyyy

    Denied OP Factions mcmmo

    nah ur a jit for downvoting this this is why u get no iron