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Recent content by Yxayy

  1. Yxayy

    OP Factions Removing GKIT Upgrades

    +1 it says on opfaction reset that gkits are 5d cooldown now but its 7d still
  2. Yxayy

    OP Factions Remove f top 2 payout and make f top 1 payout $500

    They are magically delicious
  3. Yxayy

    OP Factions Bring /f shop to Pika Network

    1+ Bacardi On Top
  4. Yxayy

    Update OpFactions - Reset | September The 30th 2022

    what do yall mean by (previously 16 hours) and now 18
  5. Yxayy


    mans are poor lmao begging for ranks
  6. Yxayy

    Denied OP Factions Enhanced Printer

    -1 If you are making a cannon box with 24walls, you can't print in all the walls because printer isn't enhanced. If you decide to enhance printer without needing to be in /printer mode you will be able to print in walls on base layouts and cannons and there are countless other things that would...
  7. Yxayy

    Accepted OP Factions Genbuckets Rework

    -1 bacardi on top adobo in the mud
  8. Yxayy

    OP Factions Pets Revamp / Quick Open Mystery Crates

    +1 crates need faster opening speeds and mystery mobspawner guis need to go just right click it and the spawners go into ur inventory
  9. Yxayy

    Accepted OP Factions Revamping OP Factions For The Good!!

    1+ 1+ I love this suggestion
  10. Yxayy

    Denied OP Factions debuff axes

    No just get better at pvping
  11. Yxayy

    OP Factions Faction Shields Rework

    Ong bro I get trapped and u don’t nothing to help I was stuck in the washer for the past hour and u did nothing
  12. Yxayy

    OP Factions Infinite Chest Buff + Remove confirmation

    1+ makes me bricked up just reading all this
  13. Yxayy

    OP Factions Increase XP earned with Axes Skill

    1+ tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh
  14. Yxayy

    Denied OP Factions make silverfish spawners cost more

    -1 Bacardi On Top F top check @RunningWalls
  15. Yxayy

    OP Prison Reworking/Removing pvp pet

    1+ Ya I can’t wait till I’m here for my birthday and I can go urself it and then I’ll get on the top and head to bed lol I don’t have a clue how about you lol lol I’m not sure what if it was the same one that was in a black man I just told her that she is not lying about to it and I can’t see...