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  1. WeAreFamily

    Spawner Wrenches

    Any idea how do u get those spawner wrenches
  2. WeAreFamily


    any idea how that spawner wrench gonna work? if u can only get spawner wrench from koths, i can only say donator op
  3. WeAreFamily

    More sword enchants + QoL updates

    If u want anything to be added again into normal facs, priority is if the owner see this thread
  4. WeAreFamily

    Update Lifesteal - Reset | November The 5th 2022

    I want to know how players obtain those spawner wrenches. On top of that is the shop gonna be selling spawners too or that we could only go out into the wild and search for spawners
  5. WeAreFamily

    SkyWars new ability for skywars

    it would be better if it locks on saturation but how long it sustain will depend on the level
  6. WeAreFamily

    How to earn money in LifeSteal

    Sell ores then buy custom crop seeds to gain faster
  7. WeAreFamily

    Thoughts as a top player

    It’s best u put it in the suggestion section so people can vote on it….
  8. WeAreFamily

    I got banned from Life steal for 24 hours because of 0 hearts. after rejoining I wasn't able to attack hostile and not hostile Mobs alike.

    he's not complaining about the death ban but the glitch that happened afterward where he can't touch the mobs
  9. WeAreFamily

    Accepted Lifesteal Add an envoy to the game

    There’s already a kit given to normal players that contains food and /wild which allows player to quickly reach the wilderness. Where is the deep need for additional help from the server? Plus I’m not a ranked player and I’m able to survive through the gamemode on those condition without getting...
  10. WeAreFamily

    Denied Factions Hunger pet and Bodybuilder pet

    Factions is not skyblock or survival. Hunger Pet we have the custom enchant and the /feed command that are already implemented for hunger. As for the Bodybuilding Pet, just drink a strength pot, put on the muscle (custom) enchant, or just make a faction and upgrade ur faction perks where u can...
  11. WeAreFamily

    Accepted Lifesteal Add an envoy to the game

    -1. Lifesteal is being made as an anarchy gamemode. So u need to play through your gameplay on your own rather than having the server giving the stuff to u
  12. WeAreFamily

    Lifesteal Change the hearts gotten from the level system to player redeem.

    Username: XxSweetCandyxX Suggestion: Change the hearts gotten from the level system to player redeem. Detailed description: Right now the level system once you achieve the levels that have hearts as rewards the system auto redeems the hearts. However, the max health is 30. So once the...
  13. WeAreFamily

    What do you think about life steal?

    at the end of the day it mainly depends how u would like to play the gamemode
  14. WeAreFamily

    I had been ratted

    maybe u can ask for an Ip check, to show that it was a different person to enter that account?
  15. WeAreFamily

    The begging of the new era!

    It's more considered a survival gamemode, having armor in donators kits is usually op armors like full netherite protection 4 or something. And it would be best to take it out or decrease it so player balance is a bit fair so that players are more likely to play. Since if ur able to just use ur...