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  1. RyanDoesPvP

    Update OpSkyBlock - Reset | December The 22nd 2023

    Cheers to another season of buggy bosses 😂
  2. RyanDoesPvP

    Denied Discord Chrsitmas giveaways

    -1 This is something they are doing every year, and they announce it like 2 weeks before the end of the year, I think this suggestion is stupid and that you are just farming posts.
  3. RyanDoesPvP

    1.20 Classic Factions big no no.

    Gkits - If they really gave 500 Gold in the gkit exchange thing, i don't think its fair, but then again most of the players did not buy them with real money. Innovations - again, its MY opinion, i think the community should gradually move on, so keeping the 1.8 aspects for a couple of seasons...
  4. RyanDoesPvP


    Try using another version of the game maybe?
  5. RyanDoesPvP


    Hello dear player, if you feel like certain staff members are not doing their job correctly, feel free to make a feedback ticket --->> https://pika-network.net/staff-feedback/ Admins might be inactive ingame, but you don't know whats going on behind the spotlight. Also admins don't fix...
  6. RyanDoesPvP

    1.20 Classic Factions big no no.

    Back in the day Pika Factions had no gkits pal, and besides i don't see where the players who bought gkits are losing since they are getting Gold currency in return Sure, 1.20 will be weird, but i think its good that inovations are coming, previous Reg Factions resets weren't taken in because...
  7. RyanDoesPvP

    Update Factions - Revamp | November The 25th 2023

    Unblacklist umar1717, thanks in advance
  8. RyanDoesPvP

    Denied Discord Adding giveaway requirements (listed below)

    I give this a +1 Discord giveaway wise (then again they only host giveaways on discord 💀 really) as i see ways of implementing this really Instagram & Twitter wise nah, but then again they don't even announce the social media giveaway winners (i think they should totally ditch those giveaways if...
  9. RyanDoesPvP

    OP SkyBlock Bring Enchant/Skill(MCMMO) Back.

    Stated by ASSASINX, player of Pika Network since 2022
  10. RyanDoesPvP

    Croatia is just better haha

    Croatia is just better haha
  11. RyanDoesPvP

    Staff good they supporting each other 😊

    Marched? You are such a snitch bro wtf
  12. RyanDoesPvP

    High Ping In Asia

    Since the server host is located in France, and we don't really know where the other server hosts are located, and running an asian proxy would probably be expensive (though it would be very neat for the community), and again sometimes regional outages occur so maybe the information from You ->...
  13. RyanDoesPvP

    Staff good they supporting each other 😊

    Lil bro, we all know you meant what you meant, you can't just say "oh i meant duck, dack & dock", it would not make sense of you to say "israel in my duck" , like what? As for the admin reply, i don't think a staff member should get punished over one punishment, that is really really minor...
  14. RyanDoesPvP

    @Tihispap how about i do you pal

    @Tihispap how about i do you pal
  15. RyanDoesPvP

    We will contact out lawyers!!!

    We will contact out lawyers!!!