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  • Hey Mr.Pizz...I’m sorry for being a bad player and using hack clients...But I learn to regret, to know what is good and what is please! Please unban me so that I can gathering again with my friends in survival, just for this time please, just for this time!...
    Best fastfood 10/10
    hmmm didnt yoeri ban you? o.o
    I miss you so bad, come back Pizza. ;( ;(
    Pizza where are you :c
    Yo man, you banned KoolaPvP account yesterday, but how?
    I found that acc today on and i needed to register?
    Do you have TS3 or skype so we can talk?
    pizza come back pls you awesom!!!
    Yes, come back! Help Pika be great again!
    Journey to PizzaMC is like zero to Hero. He enter staff team as builder and end up at manager! A successful journey. I saw him work very hard for pika and he is very friendly too. He help to make pika a good place and enjoyable. He also choose cool mod's for server which player do like alot. Thanks for everything PizzaMC.
    Hope to see you again. Good Luck Bro.
    Come back Pizza Steve... (hopefully this did not offend you) Thansks for unbanning me because of a falseban on April 2016. You were the greatest manager we ever had.
    The one and only FastFood manager. We already miss you so much >.<.
    We will miss you pizza
    We. love pizza
    Why u left @PizzaMC
    I Hope U come back
    U were good on Pika and helped alot
    We will miss U
    Whyyyy pizza whatt happned do not leaveee us pizzaa
    Yo pizza mc do u know someone named giorgio
    and a ex staff of centrixpvp if I am correct
    Yo pizzamc can u pls check on my appeal I was falsely banned for no slowdown
    PizzaMC how to apply for staff?
    Any messages on my profile regarding issues/bugs won't be resolved. Please create a support ticket and wait for a staff member's assistance.
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