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  1. Neqromancer

    getting kicked for hacking nonstop

    high cps, local ping issues, internet issues, or anticheat just going wonky. just wait a bit and try again, if you ever get false banned just appeal.
  2. Neqromancer

    Scanned Kit-PvP Add cooldown for enchanted golden apple

    the fact that kitpvp resetted the next day to this suggestion is quite ironic
  3. Neqromancer

    Bedwars 'Swearing should be banned.'

    My take on this is that, yes, swearing should be punished by a mute.... But if you're above the age of 13, is it that big of a problem? My middle school days had everyone swearing; it starts to become less of a problem... - Just take a full screenshot with your taskbar, or just, idk, ignore it?
  4. Neqromancer

    Welcome to #1 Team Top #Best

    hi guys :rolleyes: your team 😙looks super INTERESTING🤯🤒😈 i would love 🤝 to not join!💀👽👾🫁 sarcasm aside, that's some serious dedication for emojis.
  5. Neqromancer

    Pika network down

    i don't think its down... are you from india? indian players are having connection issues because of ISPs or whatever, join the pika discord, a lot of people have those issues and some have first hand experience on how to solve them
  6. Neqromancer

    kill message

    Statistical Kill Message. You need elite rank.
  7. Neqromancer

    What texture pack are you using?

    toxica 32x edited
  8. Neqromancer

    Complaint about the anti cheat

    I made a pretty long thread about this with a developer response, but in short: - From what I can see, everyone agrees about this issue - Thiemo (Dev) acknowledged that the anticheat is not sufficient enough and is outdated - However, gave no date nor complete acknowledgement of the issue -...
  9. Neqromancer

    Hindi in public chat is not allowed only English right??

    - doesnt include taskbar - not a full screenshot - doesn't show the offenser actually saying it - can easily be lying take full screenshots next time, and go to superior's links.
  10. Neqromancer

    I am getting kicked by console by no reason

    Don't play when you have 300+ ping, don't go over 25 CPS, don't drag, don't try to glitch, yada yada. Just have a good internet connection when playing.
  11. Neqromancer

    Denied Minigames Fart Kill message

    -1. Jokes from quite literal 3rd grade elementary. How, uh, how do you all find this funny?
  12. Neqromancer

    Some fps friendly motion blur shaders

    patcher motion blur is something i use
  13. Neqromancer

    why can't i join skywars???

    just wait a bit, and then rejoin. if it still continues, restart your launcher..... ...but its more likely pika's server or some kind of internal error. dev, please fix.
  14. Neqromancer

    On 11:55 AM

    just wait a bit and rejoin. worked for me, dunno about others
  15. Neqromancer

    The Anticheat

    Ah, ofcourse, we should wait and do all of these and wait for the devs to do something about their two biggest games. Jesus.