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    Denied Classic SkyBlock Preventing teleportation while moving

    I understand the pain xD would be great to get rid of hackers all together but obvs that's impossible. But there could still be a cool-down on the tp or something to nerf it slightly
  2. hijackrusty

    don't beg they won't accept you, if you meet the requirements then apply here...

    don't beg they won't accept you, if you meet the requirements then apply here: https://pika-network.net/apply/
  3. hijackrusty

    Denied Classic SkyBlock Preventing teleportation while moving

    Yeah I can't lie it's saved me too many times as well, but it still does take away from the challenge somewhat. But in PvP the point is to actually Pvp not run to a crate and tp away as quick as you can, would make getting a loot-crate more rewarding
  4. hijackrusty


    Check your username on the bans page for a reason; then Send an appeal here: https://pika-network.net/appeal/ :)
  5. hijackrusty

    Update Op factions Reset

    I agree with most of these suggestions! As it is 'OP' faction I think it makes sense to be able to fly in your own claim, however making redstone invulnerable would basically be changing the base game and doesn't make much sense, just don't put your redstone near your lava? If you're going to...
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    Finished school this summer, and now everyone gone back I've realised I miss it already :ROFLMAO: #unpopularOpinion but it genuinely isn't something to take for granted and ik I'll sound like a parent or whatever saying this but it really is the best years of your life #cringe :LOL:
  7. hijackrusty

    Denied Classic SkyBlock Preventing teleportation while moving

    Suggestion: Preventing teleportation while moving Detailed description: Making it so /is or /spawn can not be used whilst falling or running to escape fall damage or conflict Gamemode / Platform: Classic SkyBlock Reason(s): I know this will probably be an unpopular opinion but being...
  8. hijackrusty


    I don't know anything but it would seem logical not to do one until after the Op Factions reset they just announced, but likely before the end of the year if it is what people want! But that's only my best guess xD
  9. hijackrusty

    Tpa Killer

    Report the [layer in the correct forums section and upload the video as evidence :D https://pika-network.net/report/
  10. hijackrusty

    Should the KitPvP map reset?

    I personally think the actual PVP map could be updated to fit in more with the theme of the KitPvP spawn, have it more of an actual 'map' with building, natural cover, obstacles, etc. Would make for a more immersive game experience and more interesting gameplay, instead of running round an open...
  11. hijackrusty

    New player help

    Pvp with players, your skyblock is peaceful the challenge is to complete ths 'challenge(s) :D
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    hey! Welcome to the server, but this post would've been better in the 'introduce yourself' thread
  13. hijackrusty

    how to chat in server

    press t on your keyboard and type then press enter to send you message
  14. hijackrusty

    Update Op factions Reset

    Great changes, great rewards; gonna bring life back to the game mode! great jobs guys can’t wait :D
  15. hijackrusty

    Unban Potato_Expert_Me

    Need to be patient, begging or asking will just make ur appeal weaker :3 and doesn’t look good to the staff