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Form's latest activity

  • Form
    Form replied to the thread FuerzaI reaching.
    OI OI OI PLOTTWIST, YOU CAN'T REACH IN A 1 by 1 SAFE !11!1!!1!!1 xd Jokes aside, reaching doesn't really work that way
  • Form
    Form reacted to realoneness's post in the thread Welcome to #1 Team Top #Best with Haha Haha.
    seems like a one-two man team cus yall the same guy w different usernames :cautious: like fr you guys have atleast minimum of 4 alts...
  • Form
    Form replied to the thread Welcome to #1 Team Top #Best.
    No, our main team is build out of no alts, and even if that was the case, would be embarrassing to every KitPvP team to get wrapped by a...
  • Form
    Form commented on _DominikPro_'s profile post.
    :> GG
  • Form
    Form reacted to OkranolYT's post in the thread Denied Survival Suggestion of the map with Neutral Neutral.
    Username: LanderPB2008YT Suggestion: Suggestion of the map Detailed description: I don't know if I suggested it a long time ago, I...