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Recent content by CallMeDqrkneZz

  1. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Accepted OP Factions Better Outpost

    Highly recommend upvoting this suggestion because it will give you good luck!
  2. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Accepted OP Factions Making Axe Skill easier to grind

    +1 I believe they should make it easier to grind axe skills since we only get 5 xp per kill would be better if they can increase it! And yes it will take weeks and weeks to just max out one skill so I highly recommend accepting this suggestion 😁
  3. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Update OpSkyBlock - Reset | June The 10th 2022

    yea sure come try it bozo you lot cant last there 🥱
  4. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Update OpSkyBlock - Reset | June The 10th 2022

    Was thinking if I should play this season or retire… opskyblock is lightwork for me 🥱
  5. CallMeDqrkneZz

    A little survey of mine

    👍 would be nice if there was no limit for replies
  6. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Denied OP Factions Y200 to y255 spawner placement

    broski do you even play opfactions
  7. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Update OpFactions - Reset | May The 27th 2022

    I wonder what the new gkit is 👀
  8. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Update OpFactions - Help us with next the update! | May the 12th 2022

    - Add old mcmmo back or improve the current one (this one is weak does no damage and takes too long to level up) - Add more items in transfer atm it’s boring af - Add enchant books back into gkit summer to make it fair & add more enchants - Improve crates (I don’t understand why we still...
  9. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Denied OP Factions MCMMO

    The old mcmmo was better I dislike this new one
  10. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Accepted OP Factions Improvements

    +1 I believe everything that has been said in this suggestion is really good and the owners should consider implementing.
  11. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Denied OP SkyBlock Dungeons

    Ur telling me that do u think i even know whats in hypixel sb
  12. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Update OpSkyBlock - Reset | February The 18th 2022

    Add bow boosting I think that would be great! even though I don’t play anymore
  13. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Denied OP Factions OpFactions Reset

    This is good I hope it gets accepted!
  14. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Accepted OP Factions Printable gen buckets, gen buckets update

    Highly recommend accepting this suggestion 🙌
  15. CallMeDqrkneZz

    Tyrants Song

    Best song to ever exist 🙌 I rate it 100/10