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    OP Factions Changing current warp pvp

    A /warp fps arena would be nice as another pvp arena.
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    Denied Global Reduced bans.

    Agreed, unbanning cheaters will increase the amount of donators using disallowed modifications/ clients in use of their own advantage.
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    +1 laezyy

    +1 laezyy
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    Update OpFactions - Reset | December the 29th 2019

    TBS/ Splash/ HoesMad will be there good luck! :cool:
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    +2 from me because i’m op
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    Let’s go champ

    Let’s go champ
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    Update Factions - Reset | November the 23TH 2019

    Ayyy let’s go💫
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    KitPvP More playervaults

    I guess so, 1 pv isn’t really enough more pvs for certain ranks would be great!
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    Update OPSkyblock - Reset | September the 21TH 2019

    Yeah bois let’s go, ready up CallMeDqrkneZz is on his way
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    Im a good boy :D

    Im a good boy :D
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    Accepted OP Factions Pvp improvement, Few commands.

    To be honest the old features such as /rename and 4:30 minutes of pots were actually cool, when i went into combat with others i only had to take only 2 sets of pots and my battles lasted for quite awhile. I'd really recomend for these features to be added back into Opfactions. i mean it is Op...