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    Here u can apply:

    Here u can apply:
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    Forums Forum Chat

    Suggestion: Forum Chat Detailed description: Forum Chat Reason(s): It would be great to add that we can communicate with each other on the forum.
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    When did you start playing on Pika Network?

    When did you start playing on Pika Network?
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    Should i apply for staff??

    Why not, I wish you luck. (y)
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    I remember 2013 "TheAndrewz" had 1305 Killstreak. So amazing :)
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    Hi bro

    Hi bro
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    Just go /warp koth, then go to Pyramide and u will start it. :cool:
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    Mod folder

    It's your decision.
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    Waiting for Answer :D

    Waiting for Answer :D
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    Idea's for Kit-Pvp

    Thank you for your suggestions, I'll pass your ideas to our team.
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    Larger Enderchests / free pv1

    Private chest have only donators. If u need more space u can make alternative acc.
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    Sumbit a Support Ticket and somebody will help you.
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    Nice bro, RESPECT from me! I hope u have a lot of player on u DROP PARTY!
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    KitPvP <3

    KitPvP <3