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    @JustSuperiorr clarify it bruh

    @JustSuperiorr clarify it bruh
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    Denied BedWars Milk bucket

    -1 If you are than into the game that bases have traps you are just trying to get their bed, and it doesn't make sense to use milk bucket when you can use tnt instead. Tnt can blow their bed def , maybe knock/kill them .
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    Update OpPrison - Reset | December The 8th 2023

    Im actually not happy cuz if this has been implemented in opp then next will be opsky . Honestly opsky is good without these, like everyone can do /level but...
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    Going To War. Goodbye, Pika

    Love you man ❤️❤️
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    How to claim rank

    No you cannot do anything about it, you should sell the rank at best or use on another account.
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    OP Prison Quest Master

    +1 This is quite good addon that must be implemented on all other gamemodes(fr also in opsky) But shouldn't this be applicable only for lvl 100 players? Like if this is restricted to lvl 100 players then there will be no alt abuse
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    Ichest bug

    This isn't any glitch, it's just you are doing it wrong. First of all ichest don't require a hopper to collect items. Ensure that ichest and mob drops that you want to collect are in same chunk. And most importantly you have to right click and select the drop that ichest will collect for it to...
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    BedWars Purchase water bucket with gold instead of emrald

    +1 Actually water bucket has very less usage rate because of it costing ems. And we can prob buy ob bed for 8 ems
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    500 ggs 🎉🎉

    500 ggs 🎉🎉
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    I'm on a 30 day vacation now. I regret not being able to help more PPL.

    I'm on a 30 day vacation now. I regret not being able to help more PPL.
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    false positives anticheat when bridging

    Happens with all of us. Players have already reported this but this is mainly due to some unavoidable reasons
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    In stats 😢

    In stats 😢
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    Level 100 but 0 friends 💔

    Level 100 but 0 friends 💔
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    Last Seen: A moment ago

    Last Seen: A moment ago