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    So u are banned form 2017 and u don't even know why u were banned??!!!!!!

    So u are banned form 2017 and u don't even know why u were banned??!!!!!!
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    JustSuperiorr is the best.

    JustSuperiorr is the best.
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    I think a video evidence is required for any hackers to be punished but try using your screenshots , it's clear that that guy is flying. I am sad that such cheaters get away cuz of lack of 8k (video) evidence.
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    Record as video as evidence and report the hacker.
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    How do I even get mob fragments?!?! People are selling those for HUGE amounts of exp

    From what I know they were removed long ago.
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    Update Classic SkyBlock - Reset | November The 25th 2022

    No one plays this game mode , and ppl are waiting for opsky reset,. I was not able to find etow in spawn.
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    Creative Changing creative

    First all creative should be brought back before thinking of any changes.
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    me getting F'in banned

    Mods will deny it with reason - your ban has expired (happened with me too)
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    me getting F'in banned

    U must have gotten unbanned by 1hr
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    Hello! I'm banned! lol

    I think you might have an ip-conflict.
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    BedWars I think it should have bridge eggs

    Neutral, Has been suggested many times, pikanetwork doesn't copy other servers and won't add the bridge eggs.
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    Opsb reset when?

    Maybe the devs are preparing something big for the new update, so it takes time as it requires testing and keeping out bugs as the new release must be flawless. Also there had been classic skyblock reset, it also might have taken some 🕒
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    U can't get pika gold with votes.
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    I try to not get them , but ...........

    I try to not get them , but ...........
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    How u doing?

    How u doing?