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    Retard alert...
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    Event EVENT: Factions War Tournament!

    Make this event again or close pika-network forever.
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    Lol. U can't get unban, even it's false ban.

    Lol. U can't get unban, even it's false ban.
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    Hey everytime i /home i die

    Same. I don't die everytime i go /home, but sometimes i died... Fix it or close pika-network forever. :)
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    neeed unbann

    Selling unban. 50€
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    Please unban me in classic facs Velocity Knockbacks Hacks IGN:LeGeNdKAiQu

    cheater lol no unban, ban ban ban!!
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    VeraCrypt is offering 100 euros for insiding the faction

    Are u stupid? U should be banned for abuse, because VeraCrypt is male. And if u say, he's a hacker, then record video in pvp 1v1, where we all could see how he's hacking. Actually, it's double abuse and u should be banned, kid...