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Helpful SkyWars Guide

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Jul 22, 2020
SkyWars Guide

SkyWars is a solo or doubles PvP-based strategy game in which the objective is to be the last man standing. Every player/team has their own island with chests on it, filled with loot. You can bridge to the middle of the map to get access to more chests that usually contain better loot.

SkyWars can be played alone (Solo) in a team of two (Doubles).


Many commands can help you enhance your SkyWars experience. They are listed below:
  • /skywars-1 (/skywars-normal-solo) - Sends you to a Solo SkyWars game.
  • /skywars-2 (/skywars-normal-team) - Sends you to a Doubles SkyWars game.
  • /party - Shows you all party-related commands.
  • /leave - Sends you to a SkyWars lobby if you are in a SkyWars game. Note it will count as you lost that game and you will lose any winstreaks you have had.
  • /nick <nickname> - Titan and Champion only - Disguises you as a player that doesn't exist. You can only use the names that haven't been registered on the server for this command. If you want to configure your nick, use the /nick command. There you can edit your nick's level, rank, and name.
  • /unnick - Titan and Champion only - Removes your nickname.
  • /spectate <name> (/spec <name>) - Titan and Champion only - Sends you to the specific player's game as a spectator.

There are two modes of SkyWars: Normal and Rumble.
  • Normal mode is a classic version of SkyWars, with regular items.
  • Rumble mode is a chaotic version of SkyWars. It has special items you won't find in the Normal mode and contains Rumble boxes that drop on the middle of the map at a certain time during the game and contain very useful and unique items.
Ranked players (donators) can vote for their favorite mode, so they can play either Normal or Rumble whenever they want if other donators in the game don't disagree. VIP has 1 vote, Elite has 2, Titan has 3, and Champion has 4. You can buy a donator rank from the store (click HERE).

By default, the game will always start in Normal mode if no donators voted for Rumble.


Events are things that are happening at a certain time of the game. You can see the next upcoming event on the scoreboard, located on the right side of the screen. Events and their explanations are listed below:
  • Chest Refill - Every chest that previously hasn't been opened will fill with new loot. Every refill brings better loot than the last one.
  • Player Tracker - Every player will get a tracker that can be used to track the nearest player. You need to hold the tracker in your hand for it to work.
  • Borders Moving - The borders will slowly conquer the entire map, from the edges to the middle. In the end, there will only be a small space in the middle of the map where players can be.
  • Game End - The game will end.
Note that you will also get a player tracker when there is only one team/player left, regardless of the events.


You can access the SkyWars shop by right-clicking the 5th slot in your hotbar while in a SkyWars lobby.

In the shop, you can buy certain kits and abilities that can give you an advantage over others in games. You can buy them with coins, which can be obtained by killing players and winning games. You can have a maximum of 2 abilities applied at the same time, and they will work in both Solo and Doubles while kits have to be separately purchased for Solo and Doubles.

Ranked players get more coins than other players. The higher your rank is, the more coins you will get. Donators also get a discount when buying abilities.


Parties groups that can be easily created and that make you able to play SkyWars with your friends.

To invite someone to the party, use the /party invite <name> command. The person who you invited should accept the party invite by clicking on the message that appeared in their chat if they want to play with you. After you finished inviting your friends and after they accepted your invite requests, you can join a game of SkyWars and play with them.

To see all party-related commands, type /party.


Cosmetics change the appearance of certain parts of the game for you. However, they do not provide any advantages.

You can see all the cosmetics by right-clicking the 2nd slot in your hotbar while in a SkyWars lobby. These cosmetics can be obtained by opening mystery boxes and some of them can be bought with coins. You can get the mystery boxes randomly from games or by doing certain quests, and you can obtain coins by killing players and winning games.


Quests are tasks you can do to get certain rewards. These tasks can be seen by right-clicking the Quest Master NPC, which is located in every SkyWars lobby. Every quest is unique and provides its own rewards. Hover over the quest to see its rewards and the tasks you need to do to complete the quest.

Note that you need to have the Champion rank to be able to do certain quests.

Kit Editor

Kit Editor is a feature that makes you able to edit the layout of your kit's items.

You can use the Kit Editor by shift-clicking on the kit you want to edit from the SkyWars shop. There, you can edit your kit's order of items. The upper bar in the edit inventory is your hotbar. Players with the Elite, Titan, and Champion ranks can also toggle whether they want their armor to be automatically equipped at the start of the game or not.
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