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Jul 22, 2020
Bug Report Information

We are always doing our best to make the server a better place for everyone. However, it sometimes happens that our updates and resets carry out unintended and unwanted behaviours and issues, known as bugs. This is why you have an option to report those issues by submitting a bug report HERE. We gladly appreciate that you help us keep the network a safe and fun place for everyone.

Important notes

  • Before making a bug report, check the common issues below and see if your issue is there. Some issues occur on your end and are only fixable by you.
  • When reporting anti-cheat issues, a video of them is required.
  • Make sure you are playing on the correct Minecraft version when reporting anti-cheat issues (1.8.9 unless stated otherwise).
  • Be descriptive of what the bug is and how you caused it. Giving clear details on how to reproduce the bug will make fixing it much quicker.
  • Try to record the bug or take screenshots of it so it is easier for us to understand it.
  • If you notice a Scanned prefix on your bug report, that means the issue is under review, so please be patient about it.
Common issues

Blocked by the anti-bot filter
Being blocked from joining by the anti-bot filter is primarily caused by using a VPN. If you are using one, turn it off and rejoin. If you are being blocked while you are not using a VPN, make an appeal HERE and we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible. VPN bypass requests can also be made while appealing. For those, please provide us with additional information about the VPN you are using as well as why you need to use it.

Cannot send chat message
If you are not able to type in chat and are only able to use commands, you likely have set your chat to Commands Only. To solve it, go to Options → Chat Settings and set the chat option to Chat: Shown.

You should join using Username, not USERNAME
If you are asked to join with a differently capitalised username, there are two reasons why this can be the case. The first is that someone may have already registered that username on our network. In that case, use a different username when joining the server. If you registered the username on PikaNetwork, change the capitalization of your username to what is stated and you will be able to join.

Exceeded the maximum number of registrations
If you are trying to register a new account and are being stopped from doing so because you have exceeded the maximum number of registrations, you can restart your router multiple times to forcibly change your IP address and thus bypass the account limit. This applies regardless of whether the listed accounts belong to you or not. Alternatively, if this solution did not work for you, you can use a VPN to register your new account. If you get picked up by the anti-bot filter, make an appeal HERE explaining the situation. Note that we do not recommend using VPNs unless absolutely necessary and that the first option is a better solution.

Incorrect bans from months or years ago
Sometimes, you may see a ban screen that has nothing to do with you or anything you have done. These bans are usually months or years old. To check if your ban is one of these, go to the ban website (or click HERE) and search for your username. If that ban is not there, there is a high chance you picked up a banned player's IP address. If you encountered this issue, make an appeal HERE and we will solve it for you as soon as possible.
I am a donator but did not receive the Donator role
First of all, relink your Discord account to your Minecraft account by unlinking it (use .unlinkaccount in #linkaccount) and linking it again (check the pinned message in #linkaccount). After that, type .info in any of the public text channels. If you still have not received your role, make a ticket HERE and we will assign you the role manually as soon as possible. Make sure to include your Discord and Minecraft usernames in the ticket.

Bug Hunter role

Players who make frequent high-quality bug reports and report high-priority issues may be assigned the Bug Hunter role on Discord and the forums. This includes reporting duping glitches, security issues and similar. There are no set requirements for the role. It is assigned by staff manually and asking for it can only make it harder for you to ever have a chance of getting it.

Thank you for reporting bugs and helping us create a better player experience.
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