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Feb 22, 2016
Staff Application Information

The PikaNetwork Staff Team consists of volunteered members that aspire to keep the server fun and fair towards the community and its members. These members become staff by writing a staff application and conforming with the requirements to be accepted.

All requirements and information that you must thoroughly understand and comply with before submitting an application are stated below.


  • You must be 15 years old or older
You must be 15 years old or older to be considered. We believe people below the age of 15 years old are not enough developed and have too little life-experience to deal with the duties of a staff member.
  • You must have access to Discord and a working microphone
You need to have access to Discord in order to communicate with fellow staff members. Staff meetings are held there and updates, changes and other information will be shared through Discord as well. In order to communicate with others and attend staff meetings you need to have access to a working microphone.
  • You need to be active on Discord, the forums and in-game
Being active in every area of the community allows us to get to know you better and helps us determine if you are fit for a staff position. Those who make a good impression and have a good, mature personality will have an advantage over others. Beside that, you must have some experience on all platforms in order to be able to answer questions and help others.
  • Clean history
If you have been punished in the past, it doesn't mean you can not become a staff member on PikaNetwork. Though, your punishment history will certainly aid you in the process. Every staff member needs to be well behaved and follow the rules which should be apparent from their history.
  • You must not be staff on any other server
We believe that being staff on multiple servers may be stressful. In addition, we don't want you to be distracted so you can focus better on your duties here.


  • When you have posted a staff application, you will receive a response after it has been reviewed by PikaNetwork’s administration.
  • Applications are not accepted immediately, becoming impatient will not be helpful to you.
  • Don't ask staff members to check your application. Also, don't post it anywhere. Be patient and wait until it either gets denied or accepted.
  • Your behaviour and attitude towards others can have a major impact on your chances of becoming a staff member.
  • Formal language in an application shows intelligence and maturity. Joking in your application/using emojis or fonts doesn't appear professional.
  • Prevent (most) spelling and grammar mistakes by rereading your application when it is done. An application without or with few grammatical errors is more presentable.
  • Our rules are what keeps the serenity of our server intact. Familiarizing yourself with our rules is a must before writing an application.
  • Uninformative and short applications have no chance of getting accepted.
  • Lying in your application will get your application denied.
  • If your application has been denied, you MUST wait a month from the denial message before posting another one. Failing to do so might result in a punishment.
  • Copying an application from another AI language model/player/website will result in your application being instantly denied.
  • Sharing/discussing your application with others is disallowed and will result in your application being instantly denied.


We are glad to see that you have considered submitting a staff application on PikaNetwork. We hope to welcome you to the Staff Team soon.

Best of luck!​
Not open for further replies.