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Helpful Kit-PvP Guide

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Jul 22, 2020
Kit-PvP Guide

Kit-PvP is a PvP gamemode in which players fight on a giant map by using kits as their equipment. This thread will explain all there is to know about Kit-PvP.


Various commands can help you in your Kit-PvP adventure. Most (if not all) of them are listed below:
  • /kit - Opens a menu for you to select the kit you want to use
  • /spawn - Teleports you to spawn
  • /tps - This shows you the server's TPS (lower TPS = more lag)
  • /trash - Opens a menu for you to permanently and irreversibly destroy your (useless) items
  • /trade <name> - Opens a trade menu with another player
  • /teams help <page number> - Lists all teams commands
  • /coinflip - Opens a coinflip menu
  • /coinflip help - Displays all the coinflip commands
  • /challenges - Displays a challenges menu
  • /shop - Opens a virtual shop for you to buy items
  • /ah - Opens the auction house menu
  • /ah help - Displays all the auction house commands
  • /collector - Gives you all of your collected rewards which you can obtain by reaching a certain killstreak (25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, etc.)
  • /craft - VIP and above only - Opens a virtual crafting table menu
  • /pv <number> - VIP and above only - Opens your player vault menu
  • /ptime <time> - God and above only - Changes your player time
  • /feed - God and above only - Heals your hunger with the cooldown of 1 minute
  • /afk - God and above only - Sets you as AFK (Away From Keyboard)
  • /fix hand - Legend and above only - Repairs an item in your hand with a cooldown of 15 minutes
  • /fix all - Ultimate and above only - Repairs all items in your inventory with a cooldown of 1 hour
  • /rename <name> - Ultimate and above only - Renames an item in your hand (supports colour codes)
  • /nick <nickname> - Ultimate and above only - Sets a chat nickname for you (supports colour codes)
  • /invsee <name> - Ultimate and above only - Makes you able to see other players' inventory
  • /near - Ultimate+ only - Shows you the players around you
Some of these commands can be won through crates.


Teams are groups you can create or join to not be able to hurt/get hurt by your team members. You also have a special team chat for your team (/teams teamchat <message>). There are many team commands you can use to customize and manage your team. They are listed below:
  • /team help <page> - Lists all teams commands
  • /team create <name> - Creates a brand new team for you
  • /team show <team name/player name> - Displays all the information about a specific team or a specific player's team
  • /team description <text> - Sets your description to the specified one
  • /team kick <name> - Kicks a specified player from your team
  • /team leave - Makes you leave your team
  • /team rename <name> - Changes your team's name
  • /team focus <name> - Makes your team focus a specific player, meaning the player's name will be highlighted and it will appear on the top of the tab list (click HERE and HERE for examples)
  • /team ally <team> - Allies with a team
  • /team neutral <team> - Makes a team neutral to your team
  • /team teamchat <message> - Sends a message only your team members can see
  • /team allychat <message> - Sends a message only your team members and team allies can see
  • /team invite <name> - Invites a player to your team
  • /team accept <name> - Accepts a team invite
  • /team promote <name> - Promotes a specified team member
  • /team makeleader <name> - Transfers the team leadership to a specified player
  • /team demote <name> - Demotes a specified team member
  • /team disband - Permanently and irreversibly disbands your team
  • /team souls <team> - Shows a specified team's soul amount
  • /team mute <name> - Mutes a player in the team chat
  • /team top - Displays the top teams
  • /team unmute <name> - Unmutes a player in the team chat
  • /team telllocation - Sends your location to every team member
  • /team permissions - Manage your team's permissions
  • /team shop - Opens a shop where you can buy coin/KoTH loot/point boosters, buy extra team slots and unlock your team vault
  • /team perks - Displays a menu with perks that you can buy with team coins
  • /team coins - Shows you the number of your team's coins
Auction House

The auction house is a place where you can buy items from other players and sell your items. Auction house commands:
  • /ah - Opens the auction house menu where you can buy items from other players
  • /ah sell <price> - Puts an item you're holding in your hand for sale for a specified amount of money
  • /ah listed - Opens a menu for you to manage your listed items
  • /ah expired - Opens a menu for you to collect your expired items

There are several daily challenges on Kit-PvP you can complete. Every challenge has its own reward. These challenges reset every day and have to get activated before getting completed. See all of them by using the /challenges command in-game.


KoTHs are areas on the map that should get captured whenever they start. A random KoTH will start every 30 minutes. You need to cap the KoTH (stand inside the square) for 5 minutes in order to capture that KoTH. Click HERE for an example of how some KoTHs look like.

KoTH coordinates:
  • -101 75 113 - KoTH Bones
  • -103 75 -99 - KoTH Tower
  • 111 75 97 - KoTH Candy Cane
  • 108 75 -101 - KoTH Ship
  • 85 117 26 - KoTH Sky
KoTH commands:
  • /koth list - Shows all available KoTHs
  • /koth loot - Shows the loot for the upcoming KoTH. The loot is completely random
  • /koth schedule - Shows the schedule for the KoTHs (when each KoTH happens)
A huge thank you to @CaptainGeoGR and @Outscale for helping me write this thread. Without them, this thread would never be as it is right now!
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