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Factions Faction update


Ultimate Legendary Pika
Jul 16, 2019

Faction update

Detailed description:
1. Removing TNT from shop and crates - Currently any person can just come online, vote, open vote keys and they get enough money to actually fill a cannon with TNT(price for TNT is too cheap), if someone wants TNT so they can raid they need to buy spawners and AFK for it.

2. Sets from vote and epic crate - Make it so instead of a full set we get a voucher it just annoying when you open crates and get 10x voting set in a row so you have to empty your inventory

3.Adding chunk collectors(ichest) - we had over 1000 double chests in our storage, there should be an alternative such as chunk collectors Biggest issues with chests are that if you creeper egg them or shoot with a cannon at them whole server dies for few minutes due to all items from chests dropping on ground, and other issue is overall fps drop for players which even come near the base

4.Buff trench gkit - we get shockwave 1 but players can buy shockwave 1 for 3m on /shop the gkit is worthless we get shockwave 3 on koth

GKit Trench (5 chunkbusters, 7x7 trench pickaxe, 7x7 trench shovel).

5.Add tray pickaxe

6.Add roam - allows you to go into /gamemode 3

spectator body can only fly 200 blocks , it would be easier to locate their spawners/value

7.Add chunkinfo - ChunkInfo will allow you to view ALL spawners within the chunk you are standing in whether they're stacked or not.

8. 28 second combat cooldown - the combat rn is 14 sec if you are fighting someone he can just pearl and run its so ez to run away from someone with 14 sec combat

9. Remove tntfill voucher from crates - players can just create a faction and use /f tntfill i dont see the point for having tntfill voucher

10.Increase faction shield to 16h

11.Better printer(opfaction printer) - It would make printing a cannon much easier and faster

12.Lower the chance of getting seasonal legend from KOTH - The chance is pretty high and its not even rare to get it from KOTH anymore.(if you just go on normal fac for koth there gonna be 3-4 kids with sessonal legend ranks we just grind sessonal legend)

13.Add /afk command - which tells other people that you are afk

14.Put in /f access - Its a command that enables the leader to add players into a list for a chunk. This list allows players to access the chunk. Players that arent within the list cannot access chunk regardless of their factions role (member, mod, co-leader (exclude leader) ). This promotes leaders to much confidently add invite players into their facs and less likely to inside their base).
And if u want to say that /f perms have obsidian permission switches which disables players from insiding, it also disables players from actions like building cannons and patching walls when being raided, which is not that ideal for facs in terms of preventing insiding

15.Make it so only faction members can access Dispensers - People started freecaming our buffer and and putting lava in dispensers and messing with repeaters on our counters.

This can be fixed by making it so only faction members can access Dispensers in claimed territory .

16.Add genbucket pseudo - That go through water&blocks

17.Add an option to buy more than one in /transfer

18./f corners - I think the command /f corners would be a good addition as some people join the map later on and it would be easier to find available corners, and it'd also be easier to find peoples bases if you could just check corners with a simple command, for example when you do /f corners (this will show the world in so you would have to warp through different worlds while using it) it would show the corners claimed/unclaimed in the world you are in, and when you hover over the message where it says "claimed" it'll show who claimed it.

19.Add raid timers

20.Add /level

21.Buff f mission rewards

22.Rework kits (pro ,hero) -

Pro -diamond set p1

Hero - diamond set p2

23.Add iron/gold currency shop

24.Add Sand Wand - The sand wand will make things easier for you to clean up. A sand wand works like any other wand and has a limited amount of uses.

25.Add tags

26.Adding more sapphires for other gkits

27.Change TNT wand in shop from 25 to 100 uses.

28.Disabe mobs to spawn in wild /unclaimed area

29. Add /gift

30.Add special set on unique/godly crates and koth - example a set to do 20%more dmg name the set ( Stresi Set) (i win f top finals solo and made the suggestion for the set so name it like that )

31.Spawner Upgrades - on normal faction if you upgrade blaze spawner lv28 it says it give double xp but it doesn't you get only 10xp for blaze even if it is lv3 or 28

Stack up to a 100
Make it so you can be able to place 100 spawners in one, instead of the previous stack of 28.
Make it with levels every 10 spawners you get an extra boost (thats 10 levels)
Spawner Boost Level

Level I
x1.5 Experience
Level II
x1.5 Drops
Level III
x1.5 Mob Heads
Level IV
x2.0 Experience
Level V
x2.0 Mob Heads
Level VI
x2.0 Mob Heads
Level VII
x2.5 Experience
Level VIII
x2.5 Mob Heads
Level XI
x2.5 Mob Heads
Level X
x3.0 Experience
x3.0 Drops
x3.0 Mob Heads​

32.Add booster set - Its extremely hard to grind the XP needed to max your spawners , max sets booster set atleast help a bit.

33.Add 5 sec teleport time for PRO - HERO - ULTIMATE

34.Add raiding outpost - What is raiding outpost

Factions can raid and defend the Raiding Outpost base to gain some awesome rewards(keys,money,etc)

every 1hr of holding it you get certain rewards

new players get more experience on raiding and patching

35.Spawners being able to stack - When raiding spawners, it is hard to pick up spawners if they have 500 spawners. you would need 10 empty pv in order to store them. Since it is disabled to sethome or /back in enemy land. It would be better to have spawners stacked like opfactions.​
36.Add lever and button in /shop
37.Change endurance max lv4 to lv2 - as we know pika is gapple pvp and while fighting it take so long to break someone armor everyone get 3-4 sets it take +30 min for 1 fight
38.Adding a /duel -Adding a /duel would be a good thing, as of now mostly every FACTION server has a /duel system where you can duel the player in a thing called "risky duel" which means both players duel each other with there own stuff, and who ever wins keeps the opponents items!

39.Add Playtime Rewards


40.Grace Period Base Roof Design Competition
The faction that has the best roof art on the day TNT Enables gets a Pika-Network giftcard(First:40$ , Second:20 , Third:10)
If you had any other suggestions please make a comment about it. If you downvote please give a valid reason.

Factions just need a update, it isn't updated for almost a year so to make faction work again a update required.
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Jun 19, 2022
No update I play it and its good I think we don't need a update right now


Aug 17, 2021
fr it needs a update (faction have a big potential) i mean if devs just accept to reset it it will be so popular again..


Aug 17, 2021
Your not faction player fk random kid you join pika forums 3 days ago and you are here teaching us about faction go play skyblock or something
chill my baby it seems he thinks you mean op fac lmfao


Pika Member
Jun 26, 2022
I just want to know why Normal Factions does not recieve a reset, whereas all the other gamemode recieve at least 2 reset per year. There is still players that have ranks in the gamemode that plays there. Other players always say how Normal Factions is bad because no one is playing, that is mostly due to owner does not reset/care about the gamemode enough compare to other gamemode. Looking at this on equal terms, why would someone buy rank or even look at a gamemode if it rarely resets or active. Espeically gamemodes like factions that only exist for 1-2 months of season. Comparing this to OpFactions, which reset right off the bat when the season ended 1-2 weeks later, logically people would more likely go to OpFactions since the items that they bought be would much pratically to be in use compare to Normal Factions. Lastly, If owners still see Normal Factions as a gamemode that exist on pika, neither reset it or delete the gamemode and gives us refund for the ranks we put in so we then we do not need to wait and migrate to another server/gamemode. -




Rare Pika
Jan 25, 2022
+1, The best suggestion I ever saw.

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