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    Allowed Versions / Clients
    Using any versions / client other than the ones listed down below or vanilla may get you banned. Using LabyMod versions below 2.6 may get you banned too. Using allowed clients within forge is allowed. Please note that we will never enforce using CheatBreaker on Pika-Network however you will be free to use it (Please note OCMC CheatBreaker copy is NOT allowed).

    External Modifications
    Modifying your regedit and DNS is allowed however using any method to increase your lag for an advantage is not allowed. Using a VPN is not allowed in-game.


    Using any variant of these modifications will get you banned so please make sure you're using the original.


    Using a minimap with a player/mob radar may get you banned. The below are allowed ones without a radar.

    Status / Information
    For the bskpkr mods, the dependency bspkrsCore is allowed too.

    Pvp / Movement
    Please note that the Better Sprinting mod will never be allowed due to a no knockback bug. For togglesneak, the dependency PlayerAPI is allowed too.

    FPS related
    Misc / Other
    Server Specific
    You can turn off certain mods in the Forge mod. You can also make a new folder on your computer and drag your inactive mods there. These mods are only allowed in the given servers.

    Factions Servers (Factions, OPFactions 1 & 2 and Galactix)

    • Schematica (No Printer)
    • World Downloader
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