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    Hahahh z

    @iq420 do not act smart, see, you banned and checked me because of that shity @millerbilly1, ive got 2 IP adress and ill join the server with 2 accounts on both IP's to prove you wrong.
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    I don't need unban, just wanna say one thing.

    Today i got banned by @iq420 with no reason. @millerbilly1 is popular noob that thinks he knows how to pvp.. he got killed (rekt) by me and then called @iq420 to ban me, not screenshare, ban! Players just make up staff as their friends and then who they don't like, they ban them. That is the...
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    Hi guys, can you do anything about OPFactions? There is a bug, can't set spawners, chests or hoppers, when are you going to fix that? And one more thing when is the map reset going to happen, the server is almost dead.. I hope for your answer.