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    He can say to mod to check it do dont try to be smart cuz u sound like that guy who insided
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    Hey u can proof it by telling owner to check logs if insiding in csb is against the rules owner should check it
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    Moiuce say them to check the players logs that can do only mod so u gonna wait few days if they see that player got the spanwers he should get banned they might give you back
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    mine 278
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    VoteTop Top voter rewards

    ima get 2nd or 3rd
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    hacker kill aura user

    hes hacking file:///C:/Users/Hagy/Videos/Radeon%20ReLive/record/2018.08.21-00.55.mp4
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    vSyndrome has muted me for 3 days without a reason if there is a reason give me ss or clip

    vSyndrome is abusing his premisions hes finding bases easly cuz hes using the premisions he should get deoped cuz hes abusing and muting for no reason
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    i lost my hero rank

    when u guys resseted i lost my hero rank i got it the day the problems was on the server but i got it legit from koth and then 3 min later he started banning pls give me back the hero rank cuz it supposed to be suprise for someone my igs: BEnicePRO
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    VeraCrypt is offering 100 euros for insiding the faction

    everybody says that hes a hacker and i didnt know tha hes a male so srory
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    VeraCrypt is offering 100 euros for insiding the faction

    she should get banned for offering the real money and everyone says that shes a hacker too check the clip of offering
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    my vote doesnt work

    my vote 3 site dolesnt wanna open it does this DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXD
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    Hacker or Faction Command?

    why does the fix all command dont work to me i am ultimate rank but it works to legend rank