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    Very Funny!!

    Make a ban appeal.
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    I don't need unban, just wanna say one thing.

    Please explain what does millerbilly have with you ban evading? If you think it was unfair make a ban appeal.
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    Problème d'achat de clés / Problem of purchase of keys

    Hello, If you didn't receive the items please submit a payment related ticket.
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    Helpful How to play Factions

    Factions are PvP based gamemode(server). Main point of them is gaining as much value as possible as a faction and raiding other factions(taking their value which can be in spawners and etc). All aspects of PvP servers are included in it which means scamming is allowed on there. Factions is a...
  8. iq420

    Factions Ender pearl in combat

    If it gets added trapping and pvping will be more challenging which I would like to see. +1
  9. iq420

    Global Add YouTube rank.

    You are wrong and you are sharing false information. He got the YT rank but he didn't get what was promised(in Yoeri era YT rank had max rank perks on all gamemodes). At first he had max ranks on all servers and a YT prefix but Yoeri removed all perms and only left him with the prefix which...
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    yes yes yes

    yes yes yes
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    Creative Creative-world edit

    Suggestion: Creative-world edit Detailed description: When players /vote on the server they get access to worldedit and all with that is cool except the fact that those 10minutes run from when we vote, doesn't matter if we vote and go offline as the time will pass by. I would suggest that...
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    Denied Global Add Builder Application

    Builder application section got removed due to us not needing builders. Gunfire is doing it on its own and he is doing a decent job. -1
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    OP Factions New commands in OP faction

    Hello, You are wrong here, if you would like to know which permissions your donator rank has check the webshop. In there you can choose section OP Factions and then ranks, when you click on a rank you can see perks it has. Yes /f help does need an update and yes factions(and OP Factions) do...
  14. iq420

    Feedback to last faction season and some suggestions for the future one!

    That are events which are hosted once per month becouse they have OP loot. That are events like koth so hosting by donators wouldn't be smart. Imagine arround 20 donators online(there is usually even more donators online) and after one event would be done another one would be started. This...
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    Denied OP Factions reset Opfacs

    You have no clue what you are talking about. OP Factions got reset at 15th of September 2018. which isn't recently as you said. And he was in the best faction anyways so again you have no clue what you are talking about. In general I agree with the suggestion, OP Factions need a reset but that...
  16. iq420

    Factions Faction claim rules

    Suggestion: Faction claim rules Detailed description: I would like to suggest few new rules for upcoming factions/op factions season. Rules: 1. B!tchclaims *B!tchclaiming is when someone claims right next to your last claim(as shown on screenshot ). I...
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    Event PikaNetwork Opfactions Top Results

    After all stuff, have to admit nice map #frogsquad @Ethopiq SamGamerYt ftw
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    hi mr admin

    hi mr admin
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    oops i turned the cannon wrong side

    oops i turned the cannon wrong side
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    ye nah

    ye nah