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  1. Pace

    Accepted Discord boosts channel

    Minecraft Username: Pace Suggestion: boosts channel Detailed description: make a channel so we can see the cute people that boost, because as of now boosting is useless Reason(s): server boost more useful and maybe add rewards for it too as it says < Coming soon > on and NCP ingame for...
  2. Pace

    Accepted Factions Make normal Factions great again.

    Minecraft Username PaceLV Factions Suggestion: Factions reset suggestions Detailed description: As most of you guys know this gamemode has not been reseted for a little a while now and it's kind of dead. If you think about it this gamemode can be made much better since the eco won't get...
  3. Pace

    Accepted OP Factions Fortified walls / 3 second cannoning

    Minecraft Username pacelv Suggestion: Fortified walls / 3 second cannoning Detailed description: Add fortified walls so it is 3 second cannoning, if the cannoning jar improves, 2 second cannons would be literally so broken, this should be added for next season. Reason(s): More enjoyable...
  4. Pace

    Accepted OP Factions adding /stats playername

    Minecraft Username pacelv Suggestion: adding /stats playername Detailed description: when you run the command it basically shows you your stats - Factions stats (balance, current killstreak) - Lifetime stats (kills, deaths, highest killstreak, exp collected, blocks placed,blocks broken...
  5. Pace

    Accepted OP Factions changes to the cannoning

    Minecraft Username pacelv Suggestion: changes to the cannoning Detailed description: - Add tnt sounds - 3k tnt would be the limit per cannon, if you have more than 3k dispensers you can get striked (f warns) - Improve the cannoning performance - No lag while multiple cannons shooting - No...
  6. Pace

    Accepted OP Factions Changes in /f warnings

    Minecraft Username PaceLV Suggestion: Changes in /f warnings Detailed description: I will just give some suggestions about /f warnings. What should be added and stuff ; NEW! Abusing Faction Shield ; Description: Having more than 8hour shield with multiple other faction's claims in your...
  7. Pace

    Accepted Gold rank being able to /fly in spawn

    Minecraft Username PaceLV Suggestion: Gold rank being able to /fly in spawn Detailed description: /fly on the practicepvp spawn, gold rank is just useless in my point you can only use colors and host events. Reason(s): it would improve the practicepvp and the gold rank