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  1. SweetOnion


    View: View: its a screenie of time when bedwars lobby was glitched and all players were falling except ranked players. We all were enjoying seeing those poor people stuck in an infinite loop of falling. Then I called every ranked players...
  2. SweetOnion

    Merry Christmas

    I wish everyone a merry Christmas and Happy New year (in advance )
  3. SweetOnion

    Denied Minigames Name for "console"

    Username: _AtomicPvP_ Suggestion: Name for "console" Detailed description: I understand giving a name to console is useless, but also exciting at the same time. I guess console should named as "Pikachu" as it matches with "pika network" Whenever someone is kicked or banned by console, it...
  4. SweetOnion

    Some tips for becoming staff

    Can u please give me some tips for becoming a staff(ik trial) without giving crystal clear answers {O()o}
  5. SweetOnion

    SkyWars Mob spawner victory dance

    Minecraft username: _AtomicPvP_ Suggestion: Mob spawner victory dance Detailed description: In this victory dance, player will have random mobs spawning in 10 block radius till a limit(mob cap, so it dont causes any lag) Ranks which can use it : not confirmed/left for devs/staffs to...
  6. SweetOnion

    What is better?

    I have few doubts that which is better - 5 silverfish or 2 iron golem fat chungus defense with water or wood hotdog with obi kb stick or fireball jump boost (very usefull for going on bases and planting tnt/s) or speed (good for comboing and recieving low kb) prot 3 iron armour or prot 1...
  7. SweetOnion

    Hey humans I am atmoic,

    Idk why I am creating this thread, but why not
  8. SweetOnion

    SkyWars Fisherman kit

    Minecraft Username: _AtomicPvP_ Suggestion: Fisherman kit Detailed description: A kit named "fisherman" should be added which will contain the following - 1 Fishing rod 1 Water bucket 8 cooked salmon 1 blue leather boots named "waterproof boots" price is not confirmed, Reason(s)...
  9. SweetOnion

    Denied Global "Builder" rank/role

    Minecraft Username: _AtomicPvP_ Suggestion: "Builder" rank/role Detailed description: A role/rank named builder for those whose more than 1 maps have been accepted which they submitted via forums. Reason(s): This would encourage more people to come and make awesome maps. And this can be...
  10. SweetOnion

    Denied Discord Great Reporter role for discord

    Minecraft Username: _AtomicPvP_ Suggestion: Great Reporter role for discord Detailed description: A new role called "great reporter" which is already present in forums should also be added in discord. Right below "Trial" role. Reason(s): Because even if one is a great reporter many people...
  11. SweetOnion

    PracticePvP New gamemodes should be added in practice pvp

    Minecraft Username: _AtomicPvP_ Suggestion: New gamemodes should be added in practice pvp Detailed description: New game modes should be added in practice pvp like ender pearl combat (no damages are dealt) : where both players are given a kb stick (stick with knockback 1 enchantment)...