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  1. Aqreed

    Denied PracticePvP Round Doesn’t End Instantly When Breaking A Bed In Bedwars Duel

    Username: Aqree Suggestion: Round Doesn’t End Instantly When Breaking A Bed In Bedwars Duel Detailed description: When breaking a bed in bedwars duels in practice the match instantly ends , developers should make it so that you have to actually kill the player after getting the bed to...
  2. Aqreed

    Denied PracticePvP Adding a global elo rank before diamond

    Minecraft username: Aqree Suggestion: Adding a global elo rank before diamond Detailed description: I genuinely think that the global elo to get diamond should be changed to 1301, before diamond should be a global elo named something like redstone with the color of the gem which is purple etc...
  3. Aqreed

    The most incomplete game of bws trios i enjoyed making this video ngl, be sure to share it!
  4. Aqreed

    PikaNetwork practice nodebuff comboss players in this video - Aqree v oYakuzi
  5. Aqreed

    Denied Forums Upvoting a suggestion should increase reaction score

    Minecraft username: Aqree Suggestion: Upvoting a suggestion should increase reaction score Detailed description: So basically as we all know upvoting someone suggestion is basically the same as reacting to it and thus upvoting / downvoting should affect reaction score Upvoting once is a...
  6. Aqreed

    challenge : most notifications 😳

    Greetings fellow pika network players that are on forums with no father (kidding), I want to start a challenge. so as you know in your notifications bell thing it tells you how many you have received, so I want to make this challenge the most notifications received , spam the reaction thing...
  7. Aqreed

    What the hell😭

    ,75 messages? What the flip ..
  8. Aqreed

    What was your favorite minigame in the pika network?

    For me it was eggwars, what about you?
  9. Aqreed

    Hello My Name is samer

    Hello fellow pika network players! I am here to introduce myself, my name is samer, I go to a school in west london, 5”4 and growing , 14 and a future pro footballer, I’ve been on pika network since 2016!
  10. Aqreed

    BedWars Majority of mobs victory dance

    Minecraft Username: Hellout Suggestion: Majority of mobs victory dance Detailed description: Hello, this suggestion is similar to the other one suggested, I don’t know what to call it but let me explain what it is, this is a victory dance I’ll let the comments decide what I should name it...
  11. Aqreed

    Bedwars Doubles but im alone...

    hello! share this vid with friends if you enjoyed it! View:
  12. Aqreed

    Global Randomize quests

    Minecraft Username: Aqree Suggestion: Randomize quests Detailed description: Doing the same quests everyday is boring. should make it so that everyday at 12PM GMT, all quests restart but they change, quests are different and the reward for completing them is different it can be for skywars...
  13. Aqreed


    View: made my very first video be sure to check it out:)
  14. Aqreed

    Video out!

    View: Made my first video be sure to check it out :)
  15. Aqreed

    Denied BedWars bring back utopia map

    Minecraft Username: Dipled Suggestion: bring back utopia map Detailed description: utopia map is probably one of the greatest bedwars 3v3/4v4 maps, bring it back. Reason(s): players loved that map Example(s): bring this exact version of the map --- View...
  16. Aqreed

    Denied Discord Great reporter role

    Minecraft Username: svdici Suggestion: Great reporter role Detailed description: make a great reporter role on the discord server. (edit 👇) The color of the role will be the color shown below . Reason(s): just sounds pretty cool
  17. Aqreed

    Denied Event Survival for the fittest

    Minecraft Username: hitasu Suggestion: Survival for the fittest Detailed description: Survival for the fittest is a simple event , all you need to do is win is be the last man standing while zombies are spawned, not just zombies but other mobs too . Reason(s): Fun
  18. Aqreed

    Accepted Discord Remove cooldown

    Minecraft Username: hitasu Suggestion: Remove cooldown Detailed description: There is now a cooldown in the general chat in the discord server I am a word of my word and when I say issues will be stated and problems will be created if cooldown is not removed Reason(s): cooldown is meant...
  19. Aqreed

    Survival no fall damage when tpa’ing to someone

    Minecraft Username: cozat Suggestion: no fall damage when tpa’ing to someone Detailed description: As you all know there is the tpa and tps scam when players tp you to them and break underneath you to kill you to and get your loot (breaking the book ick underneath will make you die from the...
  20. Aqreed

    Denied Global ScreenShare

    Minecraft Username: qvx Suggestion: ScreenShare Detailed description: some players should have the SS verified badge on discord and forums. players that are suspicious of players can get authorized from a mod to screenshare players that may or may not have hacks. Reason(s): some mods...