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  1. svjeziluk

    Denied OP Prison Money chest

    Minecraft Username svjeziluk Suggestion: Money chest Detailed description: This plugin would be something like token ches, but it'll give money to players. You should have 5%-10% to find it while mining and you would get between 50B-500B. Reason(s): It would make rankup easier.
  2. svjeziluk

    Denied Global Purgatory

    Minecraft Username svjeziluk Suggestion: Purgatory Detailed description: I know this wouldn’t be the best idea ever, but Pika should add Purgatory for hackers. They would have to do certain jobs to be unbanned. Like: -Mine 50k stone -Mine 100k dirt -Get 500xp But buying...
  3. svjeziluk


    Who loves lasagne?
  4. svjeziluk

    When will Prison open?

    Does anybody know when will normal prison be opened.
  5. svjeziluk

    Denied BedWars Report and AntiCheat

    Minecraft Username svjeziluk Suggestion: Report and AntiCheat Detailed description: I think you guys need to get better anticheat because I have never saw staff on bedwars before. Also add report system on bedwars. Reason(s): Because when I saw hacker there is nothing I can do about...