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  1. murder19001


    Minecraft Username: murder19001 Suggestion: CHECK MY SUGGESTION Detailed description: CHECK THIS Reason(s): BECAUSE CHECKING = POGGERS Example(s): every server ik
  2. murder19001

    is this ok?

    View: is this ok? vid credits: @Qcaz
  3. murder19001


    im murder19001 ign: murder19001 roblox: murder19001 cod/ fortnite/discord/ EVERYWHERE: murder19001
  4. murder19001


    Whyyy!! my internet is so bad :( pls improve watchdog it cant detect hackers or laggy ppl.
  5. murder19001

    Denied BedWars Pls fix /p invite

    Minecraft Username: murder19001 Suggestion: Pls fix /p invite Detailed description: /p invite is used for inviting a friend to play a game with you and its not working as of now Reason(s): we cant play with friends without this Example(s): Jartex, Mineland, Hypixel, Hive, BlocksMC...
  6. murder19001

    Hacker Lol Im reporting him

    View: title says it all!
  7. murder19001

    Lobby Daily login rewards

    Minecraft Username: murder19001 Suggestion: Daily login rewards Detailed description: Heyy! in daily login rewards we can get login keys and cool sword designs like in bedwars like a sword pack or Cool armor. like which shows team color but you know it has cool designs I know in-game...
  8. murder19001

    Bad usernames...

    I see many peaople using some bad usernames I guess they use tlauncher should action be taken against them??! I met a toxic guy called "MUmGay" shouldnt he be perm banned?! I reported this guy staff warned him but no ban against his username?!
  9. murder19001

    Can I use this mod?

    My friend's laugh at my spelling, So can I use this mod? pls answer
  10. murder19001

    Pika network legals

    I know im too young for legals and things I just wanted to know has my favorite server (pika-network) got permission from Pokémon for using pikachu? I dont care but this random idea struck into my mind and I had time to wale so yeah : D
  11. murder19001

    There is hacker called ALJAZPRO156 pls look

    ALJAZPRO156 is autoclicking and giving unlimited knock back