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  1. Disaalt

    Accepted PracticePvP Adding more gamemodes to practice.

    Minecraft Username: Disaalt Suggestion: Adding more gamemodes to practice. Detailed description: Sup Pika Community, This suggestion is mainly towards PracticePvP players. If you don't play practice that regularly, this might be helpful for you too. My definition of "Practice" means...
  2. Disaalt

    Denied BedWars Fix my OCD (NPC placement)

    Minecraft Username: Disaalt Suggestion: Fix my OCD (NPC placement) Detailed description: Why the hell is the damn villager like towards the right or the left. Why cant it be in the middle??? MY OCD WANTS ME TO SMASH MY MONITOR Reason(s): Because. Example(s): View...
  3. Disaalt

    i quit pika lol

    A long time ago, a little 13-year-old boy was sitting on his computer searching through the forums until a small notification popped up. I was amazed to see, the Manager MrFrenco, had just accepted my 3rd application for staff on this amazing network. That was how the journey started. A journey...
  4. Disaalt

    bongo cat

    post bongo cat
  5. Disaalt

    Accepted Forums Include more information when you deny people in applications.

    Minecraft Username: Disaalt Suggestion: Include more information when you deny people in applications. Detailed description: Read the title. What do you mean by denied? What do you mean by no requirements met? WHICH requirement? How are we going to improve ourselves if you guys don’t...
  6. Disaalt

    pvp montage but its not a pvp montage

    banning montage View: P.S i dont really need subs i just want them to look cool Also holy crap the quality isnt this bad when I was rendering it
  7. Disaalt

    disaalt exposed

    View: i thought he was a good member of the community, but it looks like he was cheating the entire time
  8. Disaalt

    Global [GLOBAL] More Commands

    Minecraft Username: Disaalt Suggestion: [GLOBAL] More Commands Detailed description: YO YO YOOOO ITS YA BOY D- Hi everyone Yep, it's me, I haven't suggested in a long time but you guys kinda liked the last suggestion I made so ima make a new one! oh god Anyway, recently I've been just...
  9. Disaalt

    new. new.
  10. Disaalt

    How do u make a pvp vidoe

    hi people (@Zxga, @momo250, @Patolunix, @Rgry) so recently I got a new pc and I downloaded OBS that's the story. the end. ok, a bit more: I want to record myself pvping in practice. How the hell would I do that? Is there any OBS settings that yall recommend me to use? Mainly because I dont want...
  11. Disaalt

    Denied Global Anticheat needs tweaking. ASAP.

    Minecraft Username Disaalt Suggestion: Anticheat needs tweaking. ASAP. Detailed description: Hey PikaNetwork community, hope you all are doing well in this pandemic. Today I will be talking about the current state of the AntiCheat. The current state, of the anticheat, is just isnt good. Even...
  12. Disaalt

    [MOD] AutoGG For PikaNetwork - Forge 1.8.9

    This forge mod has been deleted due to possible staff issues. It might be considered as a chat macro. Create a convo with me if you want to let me revive this mod.
  13. Disaalt

    Denied Forums (Forums) Statuses

    Minecraft Username Disaalt Suggestion: (Forums) Statuses Detailed description: Hey people of the pika network community Hope you all are doing well, and not getting destroyed by hackers But today this suggestion actually isn't about hackers :0 Its about Forum Statuses hahahaaa get trolled...
  14. Disaalt

    Accepted Global AntiCheat Reports

    Minecraft Username disaalt Suggestion: AntiCheat Reports Detailed description: Hey guys, Haven't made a suggestion in a while but the server is probs already the main headquarters for hackers but I'm just trying to help the community a bit. Today I am talking about AntiCheat reports...
  15. Disaalt

    dog is kool

  16. Disaalt

    Servers randomly shutting down, servers full, hackers everywhere

    I have been playing skywars for a long time now, and I think mostly everyone has encountered these issues: Servers Randomly Shutting Down: If you have played skywars for a long time, this problem will happen the most. You are in mid-game, about to win, but an error causes the server to shut...
  17. Disaalt


    look, and try it urself.
  18. Disaalt

    ah 2020.

    Eyy guys! Happy new year! this is just a simple poll about your year.
  19. Disaalt

    hi i guess ._.

    hi my name is darkext my ign is disaalt i lik cookies and i have friends (yay) some friends are the halper StoPizza and some othars i lik to farm posts and i like pika i am very bad at pvp, some1 dm me to show meh how to jutter click. i have lots of homework. ok gudbye i wish you a gud day ;)
  20. Disaalt

    Denied Global Remove Anti-Bot filter.

    Suggestion: Remove Anti-Bot filter. Detailed description: remove the anti-bot filter, please. Reason(s): Many people are getting detected for no reason. Like honestly, who is a bot these days? It also gives the staff members more pressure by the players spamming and pinging them to unban...