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  1. Ethopiq


    Buddy boy, nice thread, but as an old pika player I don't think that this will affect much. Servers on pika are reseting really slow. One brand new server in 2-3 months is terrible and that is like a death bullet for a big network. Anyways all you can do is a hope. PS: for staff who is going to...
  2. Ethopiq

    Pending OP Factions [OP Factions] KOTH

    Yes add koths so I can show my different skills of capping them. +1
  3. Ethopiq

    Update Op factions Reset

  4. Ethopiq

    Update Op factions Reset

    You better bring back 50k mcmmo. MumbleOnTop #McmmoSkids4ever
  5. Ethopiq

    Staff Application Questions

    A staff manager will tell you the result of the application at the end. In short, they will they you if you got denied or accepted.
  6. Ethopiq

    PikaNetwork Factions Top Results

    Memefair on top!
  7. Ethopiq

    Event Summer Brackets Tournament

    @vSyndrome Are we going to pop off fam?
  8. Ethopiq

    Pending PracticePvP [PracticePvP] Remove water from this map or delete it altogether.

    Actually, this map wasn't made for build uhc. The map got ruined when the server got griefed back in days, still not fixed. Overall, good suggestion. +1
  9. Ethopiq

    Pending OP Factions [OP Factions] Things to add on OP Factions

    Nice suggestion Frenk. As an op-faction old player, I would like to see this server transformed into one quality factions server. I agree with everything expect few cannon rules. Really big +1.
  10. Ethopiq

    Im Leaving

  11. Ethopiq

    [Game] One word story

  12. Ethopiq

    Pending OP Factions OP-Factions reset: Suggestions and more.

    Hello guys and pika staff team. I am Ethopiq aka Etho. A lot of you know me since I was playing op-factions since the beginning. On this thread, I'll give my suggestions and thoughts about an upcoming reset on op-factions. We all know that op-factions are dead, full of bugs and filled with...
  13. Ethopiq

    Event EVENT: Factions War Tournament!

    Faction: Rebound Age: We made faction at the release of the season.
  14. Ethopiq

    Ethopiq abused innocent player

    Hello player, this isn't a place for an unban appeal, but I'll explain it here as well. You have been asked for a screenshare. I gave you 10 minutes. (note staff usually gives 5 minutes) I said to you if you log off while asked for a screenshare you'll get banned. You did that. And nobody kicked...
  15. Ethopiq

    Helper Got Cought Abusing!

    Hello @Flahles! I can see that you aren't familiar with OP-Factions so let me correct your mistakes. First of all, I got teleported to your base. Second I have topdonator rank and with that rank, I have permissions to use gamemode creative. I am playing OP-Factions since 2013, so don't try to...
  16. Ethopiq

    Denied Factions Suggestion: hozoniwr32

    Supporting printer and f fly.
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    Oh my... Hi!
  18. Ethopiq

    How to avoid being False banned by console!

    Well done Syndrome, well done! This is actually helpful.
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