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    Denied Discord .votetop

    Minecraft Username: TotallyUpperGround Suggestion: .votetop Detailed description: Add .votetop (similar to /votetop in-game) On discord Reason(s): .vote exists, why not.votetop?
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    PikaForums, rather Reddit for suggestions

    Imagine adding upvote and downvote for suggestions. Shoot.. that's Reddit
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    View: technically, I expect more than just that. @Disaalt
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    not again, but yeah, deja vu

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    oh no, again?

    well, i guess that really happened
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    Well, it happened again
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    well, that happened

    WML :)
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    View: It was better. @AlphaPizza ;-;
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    @U-RITE cant be on ur pf wall so hello! :)
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    so i just love how it's still NYC :') good times
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    Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Pika's cousin just release The Bridge.................. PIKAAAA, ANYTIME NOW....ANYTIME NOWWWWWWWWWW WHAUUEFHUEUEDUHEFHUHWFU W:))))
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    A bug? Perhaps.

    Banlist's updates have recently stopped updating. Bans/Mutes/Warns aren't updating on the list and either the recently donations wall? For specific, last punishment was made on March 2 at 19:00 (PM) and it stopped updating since then. Perhaps @giogio777 got staff and doom-ed the updatings. (gg...
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    Accepted Creative WorldEdit MBC

    Minecraft Username Luey Suggestion: WorldEdit MBC Detailed description: Extend the maximum change of worldedit, current is 5000 and it's too small for a 120x120 plot (each y level = 14400 blocks, so it only fill in a little more than 1/3) Reason(s): For a plot that is 120x120, 5000 isnt...
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    Basic Creative Guide

    Made by Luey This guide is for Beginners and may change depends on player's strategy Creative is a Creative Custom Gamemode, allows players to destroy all blocks instantly (including normally-indestructible blocks such as bedrock) and the ability to fly. Players are given an infinite number of...
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    Accepted Creative Add [Item] and [Inventory]

    Minecraft Username Luey Suggestion: Add [Item] and [Inventory] Detailed description: Add [item] and [Inventory] permission so players can use it Reason(s): Every other gamemode has it, why not Creative? It's kinda needed
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    Accepted Creative Reduce restrictions

    Minecraft Username Luey Suggestion: Reduce restrictions Detailed description: Lower the restrictions, Creative now don't even allow you to use Enchant Book, Flint and Steel or etc... and that really annoying but also with NBT tags, you can't mid-click an item that has nbt tag such as...
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    Accepted Creative PlotChat Color

    Minecraft Username Luey Suggestion: PlotChat Color Detailed description: Just change the color of the plot chat (currently dark-red which is &4) I would say using yellow (&e) or is beter Reason(s): It's kinda hurting eyes, it's too bold
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    Accepted Creative FAWE (fast async worldedit)

    Minecraft Username Luey Suggestion: FAWE (fast async worldedit) Detailed description: Re-add fast async worldedit Reason(s): since the current w/e is trash (max block change is only 5000) and the plot is SO BIG (120x120. To save time we need fawe Example(s)...
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    An unsolved issue

    So, If you buy a rank on a dead (down) server such as Creative (Same for Survival last days but fixed), when it comes back online, will you get the rank? Talking til here, I know that everyone probably gonna tell me like "YOU HAVE THE DONATION RECEIPT". Well, It's true but here what about this...