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  1. Scorch

    gratz on 1k messages

    gratz on 1k messages
  2. Scorch

    this srever sucks lmao

    The rest of gamemodes are good. And go play your own server if u don't like this one.
  3. Scorch

    I paid and didn't get my stuff

    Stop acting like he actually did. He is faking proof to get items for free. Toby already explained it how he faked the proof. So stop thinking he actually paid 380$.
  4. Scorch

    is /warp mine still there?

    Back in 2017 I remember warp mine. Sadly, now it doesn't exist anymore.
  5. Scorch

    tnt cannons// schematics

    Yes, schematica is allowed. And people build cannons with /printer.
  6. Scorch

    50 pika levels

    Wow, this is a really good montage Keep it up!
  7. Scorch


    Chill man. No need to go on forums and make a post just because he is banned.
  8. Scorch

    R.I.P 90D

    damn rip 90D. This is a sad day for everyone :(
  9. Scorch

    how to do Luvonox clutches on hackers

    Yeah, if ur smart enought ofc u can beat hackers.
  10. Scorch

    Update Classic Skyblock - Reset | May the 8th 2021

    This will be good and probably a fun season. gl hf guys
  11. Scorch

    how to do Luvonox clutches on hackers

    Good tutorial, but it's pretty much impossible to pvp hackerse if they have kill aura and anti kb with 3.4 reach, if you have fireball then ofc you can kill him, but if u don't have fireball it's pretty much over.
  12. Scorch

    SkyWars Add Blood explosion Final Kill effect for bedwars and kill effect for skywars

    -1 I don't think thats good idea since it would have a lot of bugs and glitches.
  13. Scorch

    Weekly quest bug?

    Thats probably a bug. You can report bugs here
  14. Scorch

    Raidar Buisness

    Get evidence and make a report at
  15. Scorch

    BedWars make a bedwars streak leaderboards

    +1, it needs to happen. I'm waiting for this for a long time.
  16. Scorch

    Highest Combo in the server?

    Mine was probably 15, not sure tho.
  17. Scorch

    Ban appeal

    Doesn't matter how long it is. You still can appeal even if its 10 minutes 1 hour or 24 hours
  18. Scorch

    Ban appeal

    Your making an appeal in the wrong forum. It should be made here
  19. Scorch

    New Maps?

    Maps will be added soon. Update is coming out soon
  20. Scorch

    unjustly banned Tekkati.

    If you feel you're wrongly banned then write an appeal.