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  1. lordmatix3

    Back after 1 year!

    gang gang
  2. lordmatix3


    u didn't make it. that's been around for about 3 years and was originally made on VINE
  3. lordmatix3

    NewHorizon Recruiting

    rude RUDE
  4. lordmatix3

    My vote 36 vote keys and 5 epic keys disappeared

    Please post this in a different forum section please! possibly bug report/help support section!
  5. lordmatix3


    you didn't make the last one lmao
  6. lordmatix3

    staff plz

    Please make a BAN APPEAL (: Thankyou!
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    Please make a report in the Bug Reports/Help Support forum section please! (:
  8. lordmatix3

    with? message me.

    with? message me.
  9. lordmatix3

    Help please!

    Please make a post in Bug Reports/Help Support Forum section please! (:
  10. lordmatix3

    what is this new 'staff' on bruh.....

    Thankyou for posting though! Honestly (:
  11. lordmatix3

    what is this new 'staff' on bruh.....

    You had a 2nd offense to a curse word. I will look into it to make sure I did not make a mistake. I'm simply abiding the rules. I apologize for any negative feelings this may cause you. Also, you may report me in Player Reports if you feel I am misusing my powers.
  12. lordmatix3

    Hope Everyone has a good day

    Hope Everyone has a good day
  13. lordmatix3

    What Happend In OP Faction

    Was a minor shutdown, fixed now. sorry for late reply
  14. lordmatix3

    I don't know why i got banned?

    Make a ban appeal. Don't post this in OPFactions section. Thankyou!
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  16. lordmatix3

    NewHorizon Recruiting

  17. lordmatix3

    Denied [OP Factions] not banning people for nothing

    Bro. Its called making a ban appeal.
  18. lordmatix3

    Im Buying Spawners