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  1. lordmatix3


    I expect everyone to go and party and basically create chaos this weekend....if you don't....I will come for you...and I will find you and I will kill you... ~Liam Neeson
  2. lordmatix3

    Anyone Play Factions?

    Hey Guys, come hop on Opfacs if you don't already play! Be good to have yall here with us (:
  3. lordmatix3

    KitPVP kits from Crates

    Hello. The Crates aren't giving the kits from our keys. Sounds like a bug?
  4. lordmatix3

    Im Buying Spawners

    Any type of spawners. except cows.... that is all lol ~lordmatix3
  5. lordmatix3

    How is everyone?

    Hey guys, chat me up. please Dx lolol Probably gonna start playing prison soon
  6. lordmatix3

    Recruiting for OpFactions.

    If Anyone wants to join my faction. and or trade for items on servers, please, comment or msg me on the game. my ign is lordmatix3
  7. lordmatix3

    Selling XP.

    Hey guys, lordmatix3 here, and im selling XP for pretty cheap. Simply message me on here or on OpFacs for questions and offers! Thanks! ~PizzaGang
  8. lordmatix3

    How Is Everyone Doing?

    Hey guys, how are all of you? Reply/comment to talk! or just say how you're doing lmao
  9. lordmatix3

    NewHorizon Recruiting

    Hey Guys. Recruitng for my faction, if anyone is interested. Ill just ask yall a few simple questions, and then will decide (: my IGN is lordmatix3. You can also comment here if you wish to have your questions asked on this website instead!
  10. lordmatix3

    Recruiting on OpFacs

    Recruiting for my faction on OpFactions. If you wish to join, simply msg me on here, by leaving a comment, or by messaging me on OpFaction. My IGN - lordmatix3
  11. lordmatix3


    Ok Guys. Today, we shall discuss pizza and all its shapes, sizes and well, how delicious it is. Dat Cheez Doe Dat Sawz Doe Dat Cruzt DOE that's about it.
  12. lordmatix3

    Hey Guys, I'm Mathew A.K.A. Lordmatix3

    Howdy everyone, I'm Matix. I primarily play on Faction/OpFaction servers! Pika is currently my main server, and I've been playing a ton of OpFacs lately and enjoying it completely. I always play on SkyBlock, but not too often, as well as Survival and KitPvp. I enjoy building big ole bases and...
  13. lordmatix3

    Trading Keys on Galactice and Regular Facs for keys on OpFacs.

    title says it all, message me! (:
  14. lordmatix3

    Trading Money on OpFacs for Stuff on Survival and Classic Skyblock.

    Title says it all. Message me.
  15. lordmatix3

    Trading OpFac Items for Skyblock Money or Items.

    Hey guys, I have some money and gear/materials and items for trade on OpFacs for stuff on Skyblock. Reply back or message me on OpFactions (IGN- lordmatix3) if you're interested!
  16. lordmatix3


    All I gotta say is, I've been on the server a few times...and yall are hardcore, would make great addition to the factions servers xD
  17. lordmatix3

    Hard to Connect

    Hello. I've bought a rank and everything. But the last few days, its been extremely hard to connect to Pika network. often find it unable to connect in general, then when online, I lose connection, and notice literally 20+ people being kicked off at about the same time due to connection...