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  1. James_s


    Won't you reset and update the survival? It's been a year . . . We are really bored @Gunfire (sorry for tagging you) ;)
  2. James_s

    Survival dead . . .

    Hey , Why survival is dead there is no more players all quite , survival was one of the best server in pikanetwork 6/5 month ago there was more than 100 player but now there is less than 10 why this happened Why pika has less than 1k players ? days pika got +2500 player but now ... Can any...
  3. James_s

    Edit "How to play survival ( for new players )"

    Hey , Survival Updated and new commands added Please write them :) Edit:All Thread Need to be edit in survival section
  4. James_s

    Survival /warp shop

    Hey, Please fix our warp shop we need slime balls there is no in shop and enderchest is 32emes blocks per one :/ And add more rare stuff thanks :) Hope @Thav01 you decide to rebuild the /warp 01ville ;)