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  1. KingDevilNZ

    September Vote Challenge!!

    I challenge everyone around the globe to be top voter this month. The score board has been reset since yesterday so get in now or miss out!
  2. KingDevilNZ

    Players worth following...

    Please don't post yourself as one but who would you suggest is a member worth following? I take a strong interest in funny content and survival relevant content. Please suggest someone else with hopes someone also suggests you.
  3. KingDevilNZ

    Survival Shop limit increases

    Minecraft Username KingDevilNZ Suggestion: Shop limit increases Detailed description: There needs to be a way to boost shop limits beyond the 75 max at highest rank. Even a 'Shop Booster' or something in the websites store. I know I'd pay a bit more for an uncapped shop limit. I'm only a...
  4. KingDevilNZ

    Kia Ora (Hello) from New Zealand

    Hi everyone. I've been on the server for about a week now and have just registered to the website. I'll be looking forward to meeting some of you in game. I'm mostly a survivalist but I may have a jam in some of the other games too. Skyblock will be the most likely alternative. I'll be working...