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  1. Disaalt

    Global [GLOBAL] More Commands

    Minecraft Username: Disaalt Suggestion: [GLOBAL] More Commands Detailed description: YO YO YOOOO ITS YA BOY D- Hi everyone Yep, it's me, I haven't suggested in a long time but you guys kinda liked the last suggestion I made so ima make a new one! oh god Anyway, recently I've been just...
  2. Disaalt

    new. new.
  3. Disaalt

    How do u make a pvp vidoe

    hi people (@Zxga, @momo250, @Patolunix, @Rgry) so recently I got a new pc and I downloaded OBS that's the story. the end. ok, a bit more: I want to record myself pvping in practice. How the hell would I do that? Is there any OBS settings that yall recommend me to use? Mainly because I dont want...
  4. Disaalt

    Denied Global Anticheat needs tweaking. ASAP.

    Minecraft Username Disaalt Suggestion: Anticheat needs tweaking. ASAP. Detailed description: Hey PikaNetwork community, hope you all are doing well in this pandemic. Today I will be talking about the current state of the AntiCheat. The current state, of the anticheat, is just isnt good. Even...
  5. Disaalt

    [MOD] AutoGG For PikaNetwork - Forge 1.8.9

    What am I doing with my life hey guys, its me back again with a forums post so recently I have been introduced to Forge, a modding API that allows you to create bunch of things. I thought, what is a good mod idea that can actually help the community out? So I got inspired by Sk1er's and 2Pi's...
  6. Disaalt

    Denied Forums (Forums) Statuses

    Minecraft Username Disaalt Suggestion: (Forums) Statuses Detailed description: Hey people of the pika network community Hope you all are doing well, and not getting destroyed by hackers But today this suggestion actually isn't about hackers :0 Its about Forum Statuses hahahaaa get trolled...
  7. Disaalt

    Accepted Global AntiCheat Reports

    Minecraft Username disaalt Suggestion: AntiCheat Reports Detailed description: Hey guys, Haven't made a suggestion in a while but the server is probs already the main headquarters for hackers but I'm just trying to help the community a bit. Today I am talking about AntiCheat reports...
  8. Disaalt

    dog is kool

  9. Disaalt

    Servers randomly shutting down, servers full, hackers everywhere

    I have been playing skywars for a long time now, and I think mostly everyone has encountered these issues: Servers Randomly Shutting Down: If you have played skywars for a long time, this problem will happen the most. You are in mid-game, about to win, but an error causes the server to shut...
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    look, and try it urself.
  11. Disaalt

    ah 2020.

    Eyy guys! Happy new year! this is just a simple poll about your year.
  12. Disaalt

    hi i guess ._.

    hi my name is darkext my ign is disaalt i lik cookies and i have friends (yay) some friends are the halper StoPizza and some othars i lik to farm posts and i like pika i am very bad at pvp, some1 dm me to show meh how to jutter click. i have lots of homework. ok gudbye i wish you a gud day ;)
  13. Disaalt

    Denied Global Remove Anti-Bot filter.

    Suggestion: Remove Anti-Bot filter. Detailed description: remove the anti-bot filter, please. Reason(s): Many people are getting detected for no reason. Like honestly, who is a bot these days? It also gives the staff members more pressure by the players spamming and pinging them to unban...