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  1. moxxy17

    Denied Global Demote moxxy17

  2. moxxy17

    OPSkyBlock Give us our gkits

    agreed, miskat is close
  3. moxxy17

    i'll miss you my canadian friend </3

    i'll miss you my canadian friend </3
  4. moxxy17

    Factions Make normal Factions great again.

    +1 from me my fellow Pika Lover :P
  5. moxxy17

    Dark Theme

    Hello, As many of you active forum users know, there is no dark mode for the forums at the moment. If you would really like one, there is an extension you can use to make the forums dark themed. You may download it here...
  6. moxxy17

    how unclaim?

    Hello, You can un claim land by doing /f unclaim. If you are trying to over-claim, you can do /f claim on their land and if their Land Claimed is higher than their Power they are over claimable. Also, don't use Huzuni, it's a disallowed modification.
  7. moxxy17

    Ichest gone due to server crash

    Hello, You will need to make a payment related thread, with proper evidence proving that you did purchase the selected item. (Transaction ID/Purchase Receipt that goes to the email you selected when purchasing the item.
  8. moxxy17 stuck and getting banned over and over when i join back

    Hello, For this issue, you would have to contact a staff member so they can teleport you out before you get re-banned by the AntiCheat, you can join the discord and contact them here;
  9. moxxy17

    OP Factions Make hiding value strikable or whatever

    +1 Hiding value is ruining factions.
  10. moxxy17

    Reid claims Yihads

    Hello, If you find a faction breaking rules, you may report it here;
  11. moxxy17

    OP Factions Make Mining Spawners Strikeable

    Minecraft Username moxxy17 Suggestion: Make Mining Spawners Strikeable Detailed description: Hello, A few of you may know me, as I play OP-Factions here on Pika-Network. Recently, as the new map has begun, I have noticed a multitude of issues and here is one of them that I feel needs to...
  12. moxxy17

    Fix Invis pots in Opfactions

    Hello, If you would like to make a suggestion, you may here;
  13. moxxy17

    Ankh Faction is teaming with another Faction while raiding??

    You don't need to argue here. If you think they were breaking the rules, report them here;
  14. moxxy17

    that I put on a pickaxe encahnt bok ?????

    Hello, You cannot put haste on a pickaxe. You must put it on a piece of armor. You can do that by taking the book and hovering over the armor piece you'd like to use, and then right-clicking. After you put the enchantment on the armor piece, you can wear it and you will have the effects.
  15. moxxy17

    Is this allowed???

    Hello, If you do /f warns it says that it is disallowed to raid claim anything in your buffer, including counters. Now, since they have done that, they are basically claiming their walls with nonraidable walls, and since they are on shield you cannot raid their counter since the walls are...
  16. moxxy17

    OP Factions Make /boosters personal not global

    Hello, +1 Maybe when purchasing you enter your faction's tag, and then everyone in that faction gets a booster.
  17. moxxy17

    Claim bug

    Hello, To overclaim a faction you have to /f who (Faction Name) and see how much power they have used to claim land, and the max amount they can use to claim land. If the land claimed, is over the amount of power they have, then they are overclaimable. It has nothing to do with your factions...
  18. moxxy17

    Creeper eggs

    Hello, To break obsidian you need to use TNT. If it's unclaimed you can simply buy TNT from /shop Redstone and light it. If it is claimed, (by a different faction) you'd have to make a cannon to blow up the obsidian.
  19. moxxy17

    Discord Repping System

    Hello, -1 There is already something like this, called a reaction score. If someone agrees with your message on the forums, they will usually give you a positive reaction, which is used as a repping system.
  20. moxxy17

    OP Factions F shield

    So you'd like to disallow a strategy? There's nothing wrong with having a strategy, don't try to bend the rules to what works best for you.