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    phapvan cheating in bedwars

    He is cheating. He has anti-knockback and killaura. For others i dont know
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    Cheating NotHaxJustAGodGuy

    Killaura, Auto build
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    Denied BedWars Bedwars

    Suggestion: Bedwars Detailed description: I would like to add party,stats,reports and coin shop to the bedwars It would help the game and i think it would be awesome Reason(s): Bunch of people plays bedwars and I'm sure they would like to get party or see stats in the game
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    It will be good if...

    also fix this lag bug i lagged and fell into voit i cloudn't die
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    It will be good if...

    If bedwars have plz:party,stats,something that spend coins on,and reports. It would make a game better.