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  1. Babafsflol

    Any old players still around?

    ohh, that's sad
  2. Babafsflol

    Any old players still around?

    what is the reason masterson got banned?
  3. Babafsflol

    Any old players still around?

    Been playing here since then, can't remember when. Hello!
  4. Babafsflol

    Sotiris718GR's Prison Reset

  5. Babafsflol


    me: still waiting for the reset
  6. Babafsflol

    Op prison giveaway!

    Im going to edit this post with a video of the winner. XD
  7. Babafsflol

    Op prison giveaway!

    Hello good day! Happy Holidays to all! I will be having a rank giveaway on op prison. Now if youre playing on that server then you should go and submit your name at my plot on op prison; /p h Babafsflol. This is how you can simply join the giveaway, first you go to my plot. Then you walk...
  8. Babafsflol

    Nicks in OP PRISON

    Is it just a donator or a rank donator? Because im a rank donator too, and i cant /nick. Or is it allowed for captain rank donator only?
  9. Babafsflol

    With regards to price ruining in OP Pris

    I dont have problems with this. But you cant do anything if someone does the price higher than what you expected. Its their shop tho. And also there is no rule about the shop.
  10. Babafsflol

    Op prison warp free

    Can I just ask? Why is it that even players that are not FREE can destroy blocks or what in free world, they also allowed to hit(pvp) there. Im just confused because before the reset players that are not free cant destroy. Its fine with me that they can tp there but I think its unfair to those...