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  1. ruzyxo

    Creative FAWE (fast async worldedit)

    +1, i would recommend adding the w/e back to how it was before.
  2. ruzyxo

    What Songs Do You Like?

    no one is..
  3. ruzyxo

    Does someone here watch JoJo?

    i thought u were talking about jojo siwa nvm
  4. ruzyxo

    Does someone here watch JoJo?

    jojo? like jojo siwa? omg i love har
  5. ruzyxo

    Accepted Creative 6 Creative Suggestions

    Suggestion: 6 Creative Suggestions Detailed description: 1) Give longer access to worldedit when voting (20 minutes). 2) Make the brush size bigger (W/E). 3) A smaller plot size, sometimes builds looks better on a smaller scale (we can merge if we want bigger place). 4) Allow us to buy as...
  6. ruzyxo


    na uh i aint ur son miss thing
  7. ruzyxo


    hi how are ya
  8. ruzyxo

    Enough is enough

    did you just say that pika is better than hypixel?
  9. ruzyxo

    Staff reading pm's

  10. ruzyxo

    Staff reading pm's

    and losing ur temper for no reason, ill pray for you :whistle::whistle:
  11. ruzyxo

    Staff reading pm's

    and what is your life style, im actually curious...
  12. ruzyxo

    Best console and staff in MC Commubity

    lmao u tried hun. next
  13. ruzyxo

    Pika-Staff Are Amazing!

  14. ruzyxo

    If you need help, make a thread here...

    If you need help, make a thread here, or contact a staff member on the Discord server here You can also use 'help' trigger to get a full list of links to your needs (applies only on Discord)
  15. ruzyxo

    stupid server

    I would love to see how would you perform as a staff member if you think 'we' are useless. Locked.
  16. ruzyxo

    Accepted Survival Survival rank

    Ranks have been added to the store. Accepted.
  17. ruzyxo

    Denied Global Social spy

    If you want to tell your friend something sensitive/private, you can use Discord DMs, other than that all the reasons why social spy should still be used for staff members are stated in the comments above. Denied.