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  1. ZekromXD

    Denied Discord A Pika Network Official Stats Bot

    I don't think if Pika's developers have to spend their time working for a discord bot when there're enough un-official bots present. It's good to see them competing with each other and trying to get better. I know they all quite suck so lemme just make a better public bot for you! UwU Also...
  2. ZekromXD

    Why Pika?

    Hey pika-crafters, here's a simple question for anyone reading this post, Why do you prefer Pika over any other server? What makes it unique for you? How did you discover this server & how long have you been playing? About me, I started playing back in late 2019. I got to know about the server...
  3. ZekromXD

    Skywars Abilities

    Vampire used to be a good ability & everyone used to rely on it. However, that's so outdated now. Ever since it got nerfed, everyone switched to the combination of Paladin + Fallen Angel. That's something that I use & is also used by top leaderboard players. If you're willing to pick an ability...
  4. ZekromXD

    Scanned BedWars Cat kill message

    Impressive, hope it's original & not copied from somewhere. +1
  5. ZekromXD

    Stop crying about the anticheat

    Fixing the anti-cheat might be rocket science, but that doesn't invalidate the fact that the server's anti-cheat is nothing but garbage. It doesn't matter how hard it is to fix the anti-cheat, or how easy is it to code a crack. If you're running a server with 4M registered accounts, you've to...
  6. ZekromXD

    Scanned BedWars Bedwars playtime rewards

    I mean.. you just ctrl+v’d the concept from hypixel xD
  7. ZekromXD

    How To Vote Multiple Times?

    Well when I made that post, the voting system was completely different and there were only 6 sites as far as I remember. It’ve changed drastically since then & voting is REALLY REALLY simple now for everyone. There’s no “9 Vote cycle” RNG or anything competitive anymore. And god damn, the way...
  8. ZekromXD

    Scanned SkyWars Addition of "Perks" & "Victory Shards" | Skywars

    Username: ZekromXD Suggestion: Addition of "Perks" & "Victory Shards" | Skywars Detailed description: Hello, I've come up with an idea of having a "Perk" system at Skywars. No, it's not related to the ability system. It's completely different & unique and will make the Skywars RNG much...
  9. ZekromXD

    Denied Lobby Add unique join messages

    -1. It's a champion rank perk & should be kept this way. If a youtube rank can buy champion monthly, they'll have this perk.
  10. ZekromXD

    Denied Discord Add Discord only staff

    +1. I totally agree with the suggestion & it’s completely true. With the amount of users present on pika discord, it certainly deserves special care. Pika’s completely compromising their discord server by not paying much attention to it. This suggestion is an ideal step for it’s management. The...
  11. ZekromXD


  12. ZekromXD

    I love you! <3

    I love you! <3
  13. ZekromXD

    And what are those requirements, which were not fulfilled?

    It’s not just the amount of views & subscribers you’ve. They go over multiple aspects of your channel featuring consistency & content quality as well. Make sure you’ve 3 recent pika related videos present on your channel & as outscale said, Dming tlang is an ideal choice
  14. ZekromXD

    Scanned Minigames Speed 2 effect as you win a game.

    If you’re actively playing skywars & have rare effects such as dragon rider or unicron, it does make a lot of sense having speed effect with them
  15. ZekromXD

    Scanned Minigames Speed 2 effect as you win a game.

    First thing, It isn’t a win effect. It’s like everyone will get speed 2 on winning a game regardless of what win effect they’ve active. It’s a feature & it’ll buff all current win effect. Not a new win effect
  16. ZekromXD

    Scanned Minigames Speed 2 effect as you win a game.

    Username: ZekromXD Suggestion: Speed 2 effect as you win a game. Detailed description: So, I’ve come up with a really small but amazing idea. It’s gaining speed 2 effect as you win a game. The effect will only last till the win screen ends. (Starts when you’re done killing the last...
  17. ZekromXD


  18. ZekromXD

    Jartex Skywars PRO Tries Pika Skywars

    First of all, I'd really say, the video was AMAZING. I really enjoyed your commentary & the quality of thumbnail, video itself was super smooth. I'm looking forward to see more from you! However, I'd like to go over everything you mentioned regarding the skywars balancing. As someone with upto...
  19. ZekromXD


    You’re always welcome into the network
  20. ZekromXD

    Denied BedWars Better Knockback sticks

    Well it’s not. I don’t want people to abuse knock back & the price is fair. Not losing the kb stick on death is actually horrible & would end up killing the pvp aspect of the game.-1