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  1. Bilbo


    get better or dont be poor and use whale pets against others its fun :)
  2. Bilbo


    should do
  3. Bilbo


    dm me if u need more help Bilbo#8910
  4. Bilbo


    start by doing /printer which will put i in creative then click o and u should print
  5. Bilbo


    what client u using
  6. Bilbo

    Denied OP Factions Remove whale pet

    its also ruining the eco and even the pvp eco cus people are spending at some points 300b per pet
  7. Bilbo

    Accepted OP Factions Change opfacs eco

    Great suggestion would really make pika alot more fun instead of just afking and selling chests for a week
  8. Bilbo

    OPFACTIONS Abubis - Recruitment

  9. Bilbo

    Accepted OP Factions Cane

    i meant real factions not pika :)
  10. Bilbo

    Accepted OP Factions Cane

    clearly never played factions btw
  11. Bilbo

    Denied OP Factions Allow max 2x flyboost

    Username: BilboFromJapan Suggestion: Allow max 2x flyboost Detailed description: flyboost is pretty much flying 2x quicker it is on most clients eg orbit falcun lunar crystal and makes the map more fun Reason(s): flyboost is allowed on MOST factions servers as it allows for in general...
  12. Bilbo

    Update OpFactions - Reset | March The 17th 2023

    seems like alot has been improved hopefully and 10mans will be fun!! gl everyone :D
  13. Bilbo

    Denied OP Factions Factions problems nowadays

    worms would be sht and unfair :)
  14. Bilbo

    What will happen to OG Factions?

    play op factions its less dead
  15. Bilbo

    Fly Boost in Rules?

    Right at the bottom it sais (Note: using a fly booster will get you banned)
  16. Bilbo

    Reporting Ninja_Pvper for Spawn killing

    this happened on opfactions not normal factions report it there
  17. Bilbo

    Claimed outside my claim to stop me from expanding

    idk if there was a better way to report this but yea.