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  1. _Rinat_

    not red yet imagine

    not red yet imagine
  2. _Rinat_

    cars are cool

    cars are cool
  3. _Rinat_

    Update Survival - Reset | January The 6th 2023

    no way, a survival reset!?!?!?
  4. _Rinat_

    Accepted OP Prison To remove gladiator pet from OP PRISON

    -1 its a cool pet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. _Rinat_

    is a 200+ winstreak possible in current pika skywars with no rank or perks?

    It is highly unlikely that a 200 winstreak is possible in Skywars without ranks and perks from my point of view. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, the presence of cheaters on the server can greatly affect the fairness and balance of a game. In Skywars, it is possible for...
  6. _Rinat_

    What will happen to OG Factions?

    Normal Factions is going to be reduced to atoms.
  7. _Rinat_

    I love eating chicken for dinner

    I love eating chicken for dinner
  8. _Rinat_

    Pika Network Boosters - Explained

    wow you are so smart 👏
  9. _Rinat_

    Survival reset?

    in my opinion, it would kinda logical for them to release it once 1.20 (the new minecraft version) gets released. however 1.20 release date is predicted to be in January 2023
  10. _Rinat_


  11. _Rinat_

    who u

    who u
  12. _Rinat_

    oops I ruined the 69 reaction score

    oops I ruined the 69 reaction score
  13. _Rinat_

    Survival Permanent Warlock Rank Voucher

    Trading a Warlock Rank Voucher for Champion 1 month on minigames. message me on discord only - rinat#4642
  14. _Rinat_


  15. _Rinat_

    im waiting for that hairline reveal

    im waiting for that hairline reveal
  16. _Rinat_

    Who is BTS fan?

    is bts behind the scenes ?
  17. _Rinat_


  18. _Rinat_

    Denied SkyWars Rainbow cage 3x3

    no ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
  19. _Rinat_

    Scanned Minigames Friend list full message.

    champion ranks do be laughing with infinite friends
  20. _Rinat_

    Big problem

    you literally used the seasonal voucher on the image but ok