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  1. Yurix

    Old Factions!

    AXEGANG AND UPRISING IS BACK BABYYY!!!!! Bring up the hype, no one will probably care lol.
  2. Yurix

    Dropping money

    I feel like dropping money on opfacs is pointless, because people just make an alternate account and store their money there which makes dropping money completely pointless. I think this feature should just be removed or change the fact that players can store money in another account.
  3. Yurix

    Weeb person

    Hey guys, my name is "Yurix". I don't know where that name came from, but it's probably because i'm a weeb. I've been in the pika community for a long time and haven't got a chance to introduce myself. I am a 16 year old boy living somewhere in asia, likes to play video games namely ; cs:go...
  4. Yurix

    Denied Factions Suggestion: Factions Koth change

    Suggestion: Factions Koth change Detailed description: I want the koth of factions and op factions to have a rework on prizes and capture time. Server/Place suggestion is intended: Factions OP-Factions Reason: Because capturing koth takes so long (15 minutes). And that can...