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    Update Lifesteal - Reset | November The 5th 2022

    Lmao can't see in pika . Bot
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    Thocky keyboard + Mouse ASMR

    Still hacking nerd
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    player abuse pls help pls help

    Follow this bot suggestions
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    Counting Stars - Bedwars Montage

    Ur hacking nigg
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    Global Forum alerts ingame

    -1 Cuz this guy is bozo shot
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    Denied Lobby music back in lobbies

    Ur aslo annoy in all suggestions always trying to get better role cuz u can't better role in real life
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    What's The Reason?

    Man this server are so greedy and most important are staff ,Dev and owner are like if u want to any game mode u need to spend money 💰 sound like begging lol also games where u can enjoy things but here ppl have to spend money but its okay spend money then this fking server give us such bad...
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    Skywars is, quite literally, unplayable.

    @JustThiemo listen make server good ...
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    Skywars is, quite literally, unplayable.

    Just superior is bot who always throught pika is an op server he just need role in pika but in reality pika is 🗑 can't even manges bedwars and skyward every days there is bug or we can't join bedwars or skyward sometimes and also best thing is pika never kick hackers from server but kick...
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    Denied BedWars add bridge practice

    Then go hel* hahaha.. always do shi*t in suggestions..
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    ladder clutch.mp4

    Super bad 👎 lol hahahhaha ..
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    Life steal

    Pika trash we can't even open ender chest and can't do [item] without ranks trash
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    Life steal

    In pika everything p2w just sh*t and also we can't [item] ,can't open even ender chest just fk sh*t without ranks ... and also we have to wait like hours and hours to join life steal.. just making new game mode for to earn money not for fun
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    Swaggy omg mys episode thug life
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    My friend scam me

    So nice that u got scammed and ur hacker too so it's too