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    Update OpFactions - Help us with next the update! | August The 8th 2022

    personally your server is a waste of time and money i regret all the years i have spent playing on the opfactions and factions game modes you are a pure garbage server , you steal money from your users you never compensate for losses and you never actually support the players , i hope more...
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    Since no one bothers to look at bug reports

    you are supposed to activate them after depositing some money as well , right click the sand bot entity after you placed it man..
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    Accepted OP Factions PvP improvements

    +1 i miss the old pika pvp , i hope they can go back to that and make some modifications to fit it to the current opfactions state, i got back to play minecraft and pika last season and i was really dissapointed to see the mcmmo system being replaced by a none working skills system , we went...
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    Don't RIgge the crates

    +1 , i used 13 gkit keys and 5 gkit special last weekend , got 1 seasonal pro rank. things used to be better when i bought the gkits , now i dont even see the point donating to this server. every thing i bought has been nerfed / over traded. make things good again. or whats the point buying...