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  1. sajedjonsss

    a season

    How many days or months are there in each season?
  2. sajedjonsss

    a question For Buying Ranks with pikairon and pikagold

    Hello Dears When you buy sky vip in opskyblock or smuggler in opp with pika iron or pika gold you get permanet rank or no ?
  3. sajedjonsss

    I need a list of all runes available for usage in OPSkyblock. Thanks in advance

    bro use /ce to see all crazy enchants and his abillity
  4. sajedjonsss

    How to get millions of exp like others

    i forget to say you need book of experience in black market item the e blaze and normal blaze have good exp when you have all this item and upgrade your spawner to star mod [you need 25-30k blaze heads] you get 600-4500 xp per mob
  5. sajedjonsss

    How to get millions of exp like others

    hello my friend you can get 1 mil xp per minute like others you need some items ce Inquisitive v Gold set full and a good sword for grind and good click rate for kill mobs too fast i have a grinding sword and full gset i get 1.200 mil xp per minute