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    [Suggestion] Fix lag

    Server I am not sure if this is a problem on other servers but on Kitpvp it lags every few seconds and it is almost impossible to PvP as players freeze everytime Suggestion I know you guys are currently working on HCF but as I mentioned above the lag is ruining players experience, it's not...
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    [Suggestion] New Server (Parkour)

    Adding a parkour server would be great because it will draw in players and it will give the players of this server a variety of things to try out. And like you said, adding achievements will give the players something to work for
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    Thank you Thank you
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    I'm 16 year old Indian kid who was raised in the UK. I go college and I study Philophy, Information Technology and GCSE Biology. I have been playing minecraft for 2 years and I am mostly experienced at PvP because building doesnt interest me. I play on a premium account and my ign is PikaPimp...