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  1. divertente


  2. divertente

    so uwu. ty sugar daddy

    so uwu. ty sugar daddy
  3. divertente


  4. divertente

    Hacker... again...

    You may report them here. But before, make sure to read this.
  5. divertente


  6. divertente

    Ultimate Kit 6 arrows

    you may report that here.
  7. divertente

    Denied OP SkyBlock Buffing P2W kits

    -1 Pika is already enough p2w.
  8. divertente

    Asking staff to check your appeal is quite futile, it is gonna get checked as soon as possible.

    Asking staff to check your appeal is quite futile, it is gonna get checked as soon as possible.
  9. divertente

    they kick me from Survival !!!!!

    this usually happens to me whenever my network has some sort of issue, try to either restart your modem and if that doesn't work then try to restart mc, if that STILL doesn't work, restarting your pc may fix it. Hope any of these tips work for you!
  10. divertente


    No problem, even tho I didn't help at all, wouldn't have thought that was an actual bug!
  11. divertente

    Denied OP SkyBlock A Bazzar type command/npc for selling eores or enchanted book

    -1 not very original, I've already seen that on that one server we all know.
  12. divertente

    Is this the Cleanest KILL

    ah also, if you're trying to do some clean edits, next time try to not add too many effects :thumbs_up:
  13. divertente

    Denied Global Accept discord proof in player reports

    If someone is doing real money trading then, most of the time, they are gonna write it in the Minecraft chat, then you can report them. -1
  14. divertente

    Iron currency

    Iron currency expires after 2 weeks. (14days)
  15. divertente

    Is this the Cleanest KILL

    sadge, this would look pretty cool with more fps and motion blur
  16. divertente

    Kit-PvP Add cooldown for enchanted golden apple

    +1 Would make it fairer for new players or whoever doesn't have a special set.
  17. divertente


    I don't think that's a bug... But If you want to suggest a change you may do so here.
  18. divertente


  19. divertente

    Bedwars 'Swearing should be banned.'

    Swearing is currently not bannable, it's only mutable and it should remain the way it is. You may want to check server rules here.
  20. divertente

    Thocky keyboard + Mouse ASMR

    nice vid! I was honestly just wondering, what type of mic is that? Or are you replicating the keyboard sounds with software? Because there's 0 background noise and you can't even hear the mouse (also the keyboard sound very weird, like if the audio is cut)