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  1. FrostMikasa

    Opfactions shield time.

    map is 5 weeks long .
  2. FrostMikasa


  3. FrostMikasa

    Update OpFactions - Reset | April the 1st 2022

    Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired.
  4. FrostMikasa

    Lord rank OPFaction -> OPSkyblock

    Okay post farmer, no need for you to comment this topic anymore
  5. FrostMikasa

    Accepted OP Factions Increasing the faction shield

    Never assume someone else's gender. Very rude.
  6. FrostMikasa

    Accepted OP Factions Increasing the faction shield

    Being asked for many seasons now but was never implemented. No reason to change shield now. Hf
  7. FrostMikasa

    Denied OP Factions Reduce the roster size to 20

    Totally agreed. 20 roster size seems best.
  8. FrostMikasa

    Update OpFactions - Reset | April the 24th 2021

    You're funny. They even released winners and then edited the post which makes it obvious the rule does exist. You should not have been placed first. Go bark somewhere else.
  9. FrostMikasa

    Update OpFactions - Reset | April the 24th 2021

    What is the point of playing when breaking the rules has no consequences? "Fritou" legit got disqualified and then 5 days after winners are announced you edit the post and you add "Fritou" on first place? I do not know what kind of illegal things you are consuming and I do no want to know. Maybe...
  10. FrostMikasa

    Ftop2 payout

    Best choice you could ever make.
  11. FrostMikasa

    Update Factions - Reset | March The 6TH 2021

    Hello my best friend is LexaFTW he is best cannon man in server you lose.
  12. FrostMikasa

    Update Factions - Help us with the next update! | February the 18th 2021

    No custom enchants. Or at least keep only vanilla ones (speed 2, strength 2, night vision, water breating, saturation. fire res). Having many custom enchants not only does it make it boring to grind for them but also it makes pvp just NOT fun. No I do not like getting nausea and blindness when...
  13. FrostMikasa

    Accepted OP Factions Some suggestions for new season

    You obviously do not know how overclaiming works so here is an explanation: If a faction has less overall power than land, then their claims are overclaimable. Which means big or small faction doesnt matter. What matters is the power you lose when you die. So if you die a lot of times (or the...
  14. FrostMikasa

    Accepted OP Factions Some suggestions for new season

    The person above is my best friend and we love each other as friends.
  15. FrostMikasa

    nice instagram bro

    nice instagram bro
  16. FrostMikasa

    Freecam cegging value

    Hello I am getting vietnam flashbacks again, people started freecam cegging our zombie pigmen again like two seasons ago. We lost 1T then because you did nothing about it. I am really not in the mood for losing another 1T because some people can't accept losing. Bro I know it's difficult to play...
  17. FrostMikasa

    tyrants bitch claiming :l

    ooga booga tyrant b claim outside my base ples strik tyrant man I am desperate.
  18. FrostMikasa

    Accepted OP Factions Make it so only faction members can access Dispensers and Tick Repeaters

    Either that or fix your server. Like people are legit freecam cegging our counters and noone cares.
  19. FrostMikasa

    Accepted OP Factions Crates

    He told me to upvote this so he can let me out of his basement.